Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre Launches LegCo Survey

Politics | 2016-08-18

Based on the results from the Centre's May 2016 online survey on the 2015 District Council elections, candidate appearance has a significant impact on vote share in the District Council elections. But does candidate appearance also have a significant effect on the Legislative Council elections? The Centre has launched a new version of the online survey which will attempt to answer this question.


Mobilising voters through social media in the U.S., Taiwan and Hong Kong

Politics | 2016-08-15

In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both using social media to mobilise their supporters. Meanwhile, Tsai Ing-wen won a resounding victory in the 2016 Taiwan presidential election after acquiring millions of followers on Facebook. What role will social media play in the upcoming LegCo election? This week the Centre compares the usage of social media in the U.S. and Taiwan presidential elections to see if any lessons can be learned for LegCo candidates.


How mobile applications can help improve the taxi industry’s image?

Technology and Innovation | 2016-08-19

Taxi drivers with bad behaviour are bringing the local taxi industry into disrepute. Besides the Government’s effort to uphold service quality, how may the taxi industry use mobile applications and technology to weed out the bad drivers and regain the confidence of passengers?


Could the technology behind Pokémon Go be used to facilitate policy discussion?

Technology and Innovation | 2016-08-18

The tremendous popularity of the mobile game ‘Pokémon Go’ has drawn public attention to the technology driving it - Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). In addition to video games, VR and MR are widely used in business and public affairs which should not be overlooked.


Does Hong Kong need its own Original Grant Patent System?

Technology and Innovation | 2016-08-15

The Original Grant Patent (OGP) System has been recently introduced to Hong Kong. This would allow applicants to obtain a standard patent directly, without first having to apply for a patent at designated patent offices overseas. In regard to the existing re-registration system and the size of the patent market in Hong Kong, is OGP cost-effective and sustainable?