Major ‘surgery’ needed for the Medical Council

Healthcare | 2016-04-26

The Medical Council of Hong Kong that is in charge of regulating medical practitioners has been slammed for its low efficiency of handling complaints. The Government has recently tabled a reform proposal to the Legislative Council, though no consensus has been reached yet on the details. Despite all disputes, patients’ interests should come first.


Achieving work flexibility means there’s a premium for hard toil

Social and Economic Mobility | 2016-04-27

Employees might desire more flexible work arrangements in order to achieve better work-life balance. Yet, job flexibility comes at a price, and it varies accordingly to the job nature. When it is hard to substitute one worker for another, workers’ hourly wages increase for the more time worked.


Street art: Brings happiness or misery?

Creativity and Culture | 2016-04-23

Similar to many cities in the world, the old district Sham Shui Po has been given a new look with graffiti recently. Some wish for a new life by rejuvenating the aging districts, whereas plenty of examples show that art can come at a price as living costs in the neighbourhood may be driven up.


Tracking technology, a new trend in fighting the flu

Healthcare | 2016-03-31

The recent surge in flu cases has put a heavy strain on public hospitals, although more beds and medical staff have been brought in over the past few months. Can online tracking technology offer alternative ways to fight against the virus?


Getting ready for a good death

Healthcare | 2016-03-19

Dying is inevitable; a good death is achievable. The best way to treat patients with terminal illness, apart from medical care, is high-quality palliative care. It integrates the psychological and spiritual support and allows the patients to have a better quality of life in their last days.