Cutting down of stonewall trees causes controversy on tree management policy

Environment | 2015-08-28

Four stonewall trees at Bonham Road in the Western District have been removed recently, which provoked furious debates. This week, the Centre examines the proper measures related to tree management and ways to foster better tree preservation in our city.


Can cosplay give clothing industry a fresh new look ?

Creativity and Culture | 2015-08-24

Exports of locally produced clothes has been falling, and the clothing industry is undergoing transition. The Centre’s weekly analysis shows that high-quality cosplay costumes with four-digit price tags are part of a global industry worth tens of billion of dollars. Developing cosplay costume industry involves expert craftsmanship, service quality and local anime, comic and game brands, advantages which Hong Kong is well-endowed with. Can cosplay offer the industry a way out?


Gender wage gap has widened, why?

Social and Economic Mobility | 2015-08-26

On the road to gender equality in the city, one may be let down by the latest figures: women employees in Hong Kong earned 16.7% less than their male peers last year, signaling a widened gap since 2011. As the Government has been trying to encourage more women back to workplaces in view of a shrinking labour force in 2018, equal pay for equal work will no doubt help. But the question is, how shall we close the divide?


Jets for rent, a real deal yet put to flight in Hong Kong

Commerce, Finance and Business | 2015-07-31

The multibillion-dollar deal into the aircraft leasing business by local tycoon Li Ka-shing last year caught the eye of the public. With high rates of return and that of growth, leasing planes to airliners is a promising business. This week, the Centre’s analysis explores its prospect in Hong Kong. It says, the city has the edge as an international aviation and financial centre; but due to tax and talents restraints, the business is not all set to fly high.


Saying ‘I do’ to fictional characters declares more than love

Creativity and Culture | 2015-08-14

Falling in love with 2D characters is atypical; tying the knot with them seems inexplicable. The Centre’s weekly analysis showcases such examples, and explains what drives people’s affection and even public declaration of love for fictional characters. Apart from expressing intimacy, such behaviour also represents an alternative approach to masculinity that glorified by mainstream society, and has opened up merchandising opportunities.