Workplace flexibility: A win-win situation for employees and employers

Social and Economic Mobility | 2017-01-24

The study on ‘Work-life Balance: Getting started with flexible work arrangements’ explores how flexible work arrangements can help employees achieve work-life balance and strengthen companies’ human capital, and demonstrates how it can help tackle the challenges arising from a shrinking local workforce.


Science education in Hong Kong: The 2015 PISA report and educational reforms

Education | 2017-02-15

Hong Kong students did not perform as well on the science portion of the 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) as compared to prior assessments. Also, enjoyment of science among students was found to have decreased. This week the Centre analyses some of the potential factors behind the decrease in PISA science scores and possible ways to improve the situation.


What kind of Chinese medicine services do Hong Kong people need?

Healthcare | 2017-02-20

The ‘2017 Policy Address’ came up with numerous suggestions to raise local Chinese medicine service standards. To better understand these suggestions, it is worth examining what kind of Chinese medicine services Hong Kong people need, and areas that require further improvement.


How to create healthier workplaces?

Legal and Regulatory Development | 2017-02-06

Quite a few employees in Hong Kong suffer from work-related diseases or stress. What should the Government and employers do to create a physically and mentally healthy workplace?


Circular economy: Making reuse happen

Environment | 2017-02-03

To reduce the loss of valuable materials that end up in landfills, there are calls to include remanufacturing of products in the early design stages. Some countries and manufacturers have already put circular economy into practice, what can Hong Kong learn from it?