What would Hong Kong be like if Donald Trump were Chief Executive?

Politics | 2015-10-09

Donald Trump - the American tycoon, TV host, and Presidential candidate - is leading in every national poll. His success has baffled political scientists. Yet he thrives on the same nativist, anti-establishment feelings that are now widespread in Hong Kong. The Centre offers its satirical take on the Trump phenomenon, with Trump re-imagined as the Chief Executive.


The surprising fact about the dates on food labels

Healthcare | 2015-10-05

Dumping a food you love but has passed its expiry date is heart-wrenching - but it’s necessary you might think. Are you sure it really can’t be eaten though? Nothing is worse than "breaking up" due to a misunderstanding, and you might think twice in the future after reading the Centre’s weekly analysis…


Keep calm and ‘bull’ on

Commerce, Finance and Business | 2015-10-03

China has announced its latest attempt to tame the stormy stock markets by introducing the circuit-breaker mechanism, which allows trading halts in times of market turbulence. A similarly controversial system, known as the cooling-off period, will soon be launched in Hong Kong. Will the new rules effectively curb volatility or only make it worse?


Is school support enough for preventing youth suicide?

Education | 2015-09-28

Introducing continuous measures to prevent youth suicide should not be neglected, nor any attempt to help young people overcome their psychological difficulties. This week, the Centre looks into the School-based Educational Psychology Service and reviews if its existing manpower and services can provide ample psychological assistance for students.


Logging on to medical services

Healthcare | 2015-09-24

Surging online medical platforms and wearable devices in healthcare are creating a new wave in the industry. Can e-medicine make our lives easier?