Consensus reached on boosting land supply for housing, concerns prevail over public-private partnership

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-04-24

Bauhinia released a ‘Survey on public opinion towards land supply for housing and public-private partnership for housing development in Hong Kong’, which examined public views on land resources for housing, in particular public-private partnership for housing development and the ‘Starter Homes’ scheme.


Transforming footbridges into community spaces

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-05-09

Elevated pedestrian corridors provide not only connectivity, they can become community spaces as well, as proven by the examples of ‘elevated community spaces’ in Seoul and New York. What lessons can Hong Kong learn from their infrastructure and management practices?


Can paper books survive in the digital age?

Creativity and Culture | 2018-05-07

While some people may blame the fall of the local publishing industry on online reading, a recent survey shows that many readers still enjoyed reading paper books. The real challenge facing the industry is the change of writers’ publishing models. What’s next for the printing industry?


Shrinking office space may affect rest breaks at work

Social and Economic Mobility | 2018-05-02

Everyone needs a break, especially for those who work from dawn till dusk. There are many ways to relax one’s mind and body, however, most methods are hindered by limited space. Will foreign examples of flexible use of land resources shed light on the situation in Hong Kong?


Household structural change: Intensifying employment support and rejuvenating an ageing workforce

Social and Economic Mobility | 2018-03-27

Bauhinia released an occasional paper 'Trends of Household Income Disparity in Hong Kong', which examines the changes in household income disparity between 1996 and 2016 and analyses factors contributing to the changes.