Building a Health Silk Road: Promoting knowledge transfer and systematic changes

Healthcare | 2018-09-18

The Belt and Road Initiative is not only about economic cooperation among countries but also plays an important role in global health cooperation. Against the backdrop of this initiative, the Mainland can strengthen its role in global health by improving the training and regulation of its physicians.


Dual-career families: Enhancing children’s self-care abilities

Social and Economic Mobility | 2018-09-10

For many working parents, finding someone to look after their children is not easy. Some parents may seek help from domestic helpers or switch from full-time employment to part-time. While there are parents who encourage independence by urging their children to learn self-care skills, hoping to lighten the burden of child care in the long term.


Land resources series: Go underground

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-09-05

Developing caverns is one of the 18 land supply options. In the consultation document, the discussion focuses on the possibility of relocating suitable existing Government facilities to caverns in order to release above-ground sites. Making reference to overseas examples, they demonstrate that cavern development not only can unlock land, but also many other possibilities. The city’s cavern development potential therefore worth further exploration.


How can Hong Kong shoppers enjoy cashless payments in the Greater Bay Area?

Economic Relations with the Mainland | 2018-09-17

Hong Kong retailers accept a wide range of cashless payment options, offering convenient alternatives to both locals as well as Mainland tourists. However, can Hongkongers enjoy the same tap-and-buy services when they are in the Mainland?


Consensus reached on boosting land supply for housing, concerns prevail over public-private partnership

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-04-24

Bauhinia released a ‘Survey on public opinion towards land supply for housing and public-private partnership for housing development in Hong Kong’, which examined public views on land resources for housing, in particular public-private partnership for housing development and the ‘Starter Homes’ scheme.