Red Cross appeals to youth for donating blood regularly

Healthcare | 2018-03-14

From time to time, the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) appeals to the public for donating blood immediately, when blood inventories reach critically low levels. Indeed, BTS considers it a great challenge to encourage the public – particularly the youth – to donate blood regularly, in order to meet the daily target of 1,100 donors.


Reviving Hong Kong’s film industry

Creativity and Culture | 2018-03-12

Seeing its favourable returns and potentials of market penetration, Hong Kong-Mainland co-production has become mainstream for filmmakers. However, this model may also aggravate the outflow of local film talent, leading to a succession problem in the industry. Even though various film financing schemes are in place, their limited budgets are insufficient to nurture young talent. Can Hong Kong learn from the experience of South Korea Government in financing filmmakers to restore Hong Kong movies from the golden age?


Clearing pathways for guide dogs

Legal and Regulatory Development | 2018-02-19

Hong Kong had its first guide dog for a visually impaired person in 1975. After half a century, there is still an acute shortage of guide dogs and their training has experienced considerable difficulties. It is therefore worth discussing the ways to remove obstacles encountered by guide dogs.


Know thyself: Promoting innovation and technology in the right direction

Technology and Innovation | 2018-02-21

The development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong has been criticised for lagging behind its neighbouring regions. The Government is determined to double the R&D expenditure as a percentage of the GDP from 0.73% to 1.5% by the end of the current term. While the achievements of the city in innovation and technology may have been underestimated, the key to success lies in the alignment between strategic positioning and execution of R&D.


Restructuring vocational education system: Exploring dual pathways to achieve career and educational aspirations

Education | 2017-09-05

The study on ‘Realising your dreams through vocational education and training (VET)’ suggests ways to enhance the VET system through restructuring its academic pathways and restoring public confidence in VET. Our suggestions aim to help students develop their talents into strengths and reach full potential, thus building a vibrant talent pool to facilitate the city’s overall development.