Can high value-added maritime services be the lighthouse for our marine industry?

Commerce, Finance and Business | 2018-07-07

The decline of our container throughput over the past years, coupled with the intense competition from the Mainland, have brought considerable challenges to our marine industry. Can high value-added maritime services be the possible way out for the industry?


Benefiting society as a whole: Enhancing social impacts of public markets

Social and Economic Mobility | 2018-07-13

Apart from providing household items and fresh produce, what other services and impacts can public markets bring to residents? In Europe, many markets provide needy people with food at affordable price, and promote healthy lifestyles and eating habits for residents, hoping to enhance their well-being.


Fandom of the Opera: Reforming Cantonese Opera for a wider audience

Creativity and Culture | 2018-07-05

In recent years, some local Cantonese opera troupes have been attempting to build new audience including youngsters and tourists, by rejuvenating Cantonese opera and strengthening its elements of internationalisation. To go global, the industry needs to tackle a number of challenges, such as how to facilitate non-Cantonese speakers to understand and appreciate Cantonese opera.


Forming owners’ corporations to enhance safety of three-nil buildings

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-07-16

Owners of buildings without owners’ corporations, residents’ organisations or property management companies can hardly benefit from the Government’s building repair and fire safety improvement works assistance schemes as most of them target owners’ corporations rather than individual owners. Would the recently-launched ‘Operation Building Bright 2.0’ and ‘Fire Safety Improvement Works Subsidy Scheme’ be able to help improve their living conditions?


Consensus reached on boosting land supply for housing, concerns prevail over public-private partnership

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-04-24

Bauhinia released a ‘Survey on public opinion towards land supply for housing and public-private partnership for housing development in Hong Kong’, which examined public views on land resources for housing, in particular public-private partnership for housing development and the ‘Starter Homes’ scheme.