Revitalising public housing policies: Shortening PRH waiting time and facilitating home ownership

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2017-05-05

The study on ‘Review of Hong Kong public housing resources: Better utilisation of resources, better home for all’ examines the existing public housing policy and the effectiveness of related measures, and explores how to optimise the available public housing resources and suggests ways to better address housing needs of Hongkongers.  


Better use of power surplus can lower electricity bills

Environment | 2017-06-22

In Hong Kong, electricity consumption reaches its peak in summer. To cope with the massive demand, power companies have installed sufficient amount of power generators to maintain stable electricity supply. However, some of the generating capacity are unused during off seasons, which could mean higher bills for users. Is it possible to reduce the excess capacity without sacrificing the reliability of electricity supply?


Putting stormwater to better use

Environment | 2017-06-14

Hong Kong’s rainy season is well underway. Rather than letting it flow into the sea, stormwater harvesting can provide water for a variety of non-potable uses. How is Hong Kong faring and what are other places doing to harvest stormwater? 


Home sweet home: Making the best use of public housing resources

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2017-05-25

Soaring property prices have made it harder for Hongkongers to live well. Although it is clear that the Government has been committed to boosting housing supply over the next ten years, providing an immediate solution for those most in need, such as through using public housing resources more effectively, should be implemented in parallel.


Who gets to decide your health insurance benefits, insurers or doctors?

Healthcare | 2017-06-05

Quite a number of cases handled by the Insurance Claims Complaints Bureau last year were associated with different interpretations of health insurance policies. For example, the definition of ‘medically necessary’ care may vary between insurers, resulting in disputes over medical reimbursement.