Local politics go green

Politics | 2015-11-24

The recent District Council Election has seen several candidates championing a green cause that insists environmental issues are invariably bound with the economic and political systems. ‘Green politics’ is their political agenda. The Centre’s weekly analysis takes a look at the political ideology behind, and the chances of it taking root in Hong Kong.


Shrinking Umbrellas: The District Council Elections and Party Fragmentation

Politics | 2015-11-23

This year a record-high 935 candidates ran for District Council seats. Over 37 parties participated in the election. How much of an impact did the Occupy Protests have in motivating so many candidates to run for office? This week, the Centre analyses the primary factors contributing to the high numbers of candidates and parties contesting the District Council elections.


Grooming tech employees begins in high school

Technology and Innovation | 2015-11-11

Some employers in local tech sector think that Information Technology (IT) graduates today cannot quite meet the industry’s need for practical experience and up-to-date knowledge. Facing similar problems, tech companies in the United States are working with education sector to set up specialised schools. By writing tailor-made curriculums and providing internships and the prospect of employment, these companies are laying out for students IT career paths that begin from high school. Can Hong Kong learn from this model?


The Pursuit of Happiness: Assessing Wellbeing in Hong Kong

Social and Economic Mobility | 2015-11-10

Are you happy with your life right now? Recent surveys suggest that many Hong Kong residents are suffering from a lower standard of wellbeing as compared to previous years. This week, the Centre makes the case for looking beyond GDP and working towards a comprehensive wellbeing index in evaluating societal progress.


Life lesson drawn from an unlikely debate

Education | 2015-11-09

In a fast-moving debate held months ago, three undergraduates from Harvard College were defeated by three inmates who stay at maximum-security prison. The story sheds light on the importance of prisoners’ education. The Centre will explore how better education can be provided to prisoners.