Flexible working hours lead to lonelier life?

Social and Economic Mobility | 2016-07-18

While Hong Kong has the longest working week in the world, some European countries, in order to keep employees happy, are shifting to shorter workdays and offering flexible work arrangements.However, people may enjoy less leisure time with friends and family if everyone has a different work schedule – is this what we are looking for?


Tightening backdoor listings: Can it curb speculative trading effectively?

Commerce, Finance and Business | 2016-07-16

In view of possible speculation around backdoor listings, an alternative means of going public on a stock exchange, the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing issued a new directive to regulate shell companies. Is this effective enough to avoid speculative trading and maintain market quality?


Mass participation: A new approach in running a political party

Politics | 2016-07-04

What does a political party that opens up its decision making process look like? Look no further than the New Power Party in Taiwan or Podemos in Spain. Both have been advocating for running a political party from the ‘bottom-up’, such as involving the public in deciding party policy or choosing candidates to run in elections. What are the results?


Unhappy with the preset public holidays? Have it your way!

Social and Economic Mobility | 2016-06-27

Hong Kong employees may prefer annual leaves to public holidays because the latter might fall on a Saturday. If all public holidays are replaced by annual leaves, allowing workers to establish their own holiday schedules, what are the benefits and drawbacks?


Does appearance have an effect on vote share in the District Council elections?

Politics | 2016-06-13

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre (the Centre) released on June 29th, 2016 a new edition of Occasional Paper “Candidate Appearance and Vote Share in Hong Kong”, which discusses the findings of the Centre’s trial study on District Council candidates and the impact of candidate appearance on vote share.