Revitalising public housing policies: Shortening PRH waiting time and facilitating home ownership

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2017-05-05

The study on ‘Review of Hong Kong public housing resources: Better utilisation of resources, better home for all’ examines the existing public housing policy and the effectiveness of related measures, and explores how to optimise the available public housing resources and suggests ways to better address housing needs of Hongkongers.  


Are you sharing the fruits of the sharing economy?

Commerce, Finance and Business | 2017-05-19

The sharing economy, popularised by the likes of Airbnb and Uber, has enjoyed remarkably rapid growth in recent years. Some projections put the sector’s revenues at US$335 billion globally by 2025. However, the implementation of the sharing economy has also produced many side-effects, which may not fulfil the promise of a better tomorrow.


Sharing breast milk: The pros and cons of modern wet nursing

Healthcare | 2017-05-13

Despite an increasing awareness of breastfeeding in Hong Kong, some mothers may have to stop breastfeeding due to insufficient milk or having difficulty in expressing breast milk at work. In some countries, human milk banks have been established to allow mothers to offer surplus breast milk to newborns in need. Does Hong Kong also need one?


At what price? The skyrocketing cost of orphan drugs

Healthcare | 2017-05-12

Medicines to treat rare diseases can cost up to several million dollars per year. These medicines, also known as ‘orphan drugs’, are believed to be expensive because of favourable policies that encourage their development, which help drive up their prices. Actually, there are possible ways to reduce costs. In addition to subsidies, support from the Government and society at large can help reduce the burden on patients.     


Working in an open office: Like or dislike?

Technology and Innovation | 2017-05-01

The open workspace embraced by tech giants such as Facebook and Google, appears to be a desirable office setting to many people. But the real question is whether an open-plan office can improve the working condition and productivity of employees. Enclosed and open workspaces aside, is there any alternative available?