Unhappy with the preset public holidays? Have it your way!

Social and Economic Mobility | 2016-06-27

Hong Kong employees may prefer annual leaves to public holidays because the latter might fall on a Saturday. If all public holidays are replaced by annual leaves, allowing workers to establish their own holiday schedules, what are the benefits and drawbacks?


Does appearance have an effect on vote share in the District Council elections?

Politics | 2016-06-13

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre (the Centre) released on June 29th, 2016 a new edition of Occasional Paper “Candidate Appearance and Vote Share in Hong Kong”, which discusses the findings of the Centre’s trial study on District Council candidates and the impact of candidate appearance on vote share.


Back to the classics: Evaluating literary Chinese’s reappearance in the curriculum

Education | 2016-06-20

Classical Chinese essays have been reintroduced to the senior secondary curriculum for almost a year. It is probably time to take stock of the current teaching and learning of classical Chinese, as well as the overall Chinese education.


How to make pre-candidacy election spending count?

Politics | 2016-06-18

Banners, flyers and billboards showcasing individuals’ dedication and ability to serve the community are on every corner – a sign that the election season has already begun. Yet, without officially declaring an intention to run for office, a person can exclude such advertising spending from being counted towards the election spending limit. Can the experience of the United Kingdom shed light on how to tackle pre-candidacy spending?


What new economy do the internet celebrities create?

Creativity and Culture | 2016-06-16

Social media plays a significant role in turning ordinary people into instant celebrities. How do they capture these opportunities and set the stage for a bright future by becoming key opinion leaders, setting up their own business or even creating new economy to compete with the traditional industries?