Land administration: Making it fair, transparent and efficient

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-09-20

Based on the principles of fairness, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness,  the study on ‘Enhancing planning and lands policies’ aims to put forth recommendations for accelerating the process of land production by reviewing six major policy areas involved.


Finding the perfect stage for buskers

Creativity and Culture | 2018-10-19

Following the abolition of the Mong Kok pedestrian precinct, many buskers moved their stages to other districts. With a view to preventing the chaos in Mong Kok from happening in other areas, there have been calls for a licensing scheme. However, introducing any sifting systems will likely be criticised for jeopardising the nature of street performance. How should the society treat street performers if we would like to get the best of both worlds?


The possibility of introducing balanced calendar into Hong Kong schools

Education | 2018-10-15

November is a long month for Hong Kong students, considering that usually there is no specific general holiday in this month. Will students accept the proposal of shortening their summer break, in exchange for extra holidays during this period of time? For parents who need to take care of their children and arrange activities for them, is the suggestion a good deal?


JUPAS and Non-JUPAS applications: Different routes to the same destination

Education | 2018-10-12

The number of admitted local students via Non-JUPAS application has been increasing in recent years. Does this trend indicate a more diverse entry threshold? How will it affect local DSE students’ chances of admission?


How to support colleagues with mental health issues?

Healthcare | 2018-10-19

Busy Hongkongers adopt different approaches to coping with stress at work. Some talk with families and friends, while others listen to music or exercise. Nevertheless, can they handle colleagues who are in a state of nervous tension, or who display anxiety and depression symptoms?