Land administration: Making it fair, transparent and efficient

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-09-20

Based on the principles of fairness, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness,  the study on ‘Enhancing planning and lands policies’ aims to put forth recommendations for accelerating the process of land production by reviewing six major policy areas involved.


A playground for anyone

Creativity and Culture | 2018-11-19

Children with disabilities also need playgrounds, but it is important that the playgrounds are not merely accessible, but also inclusive – facilitating children with different abilities to play together. How can this be achieved? What are the possible challenges?


Opening doors to employment for ethnic minority women

Social and Economic Mobility | 2018-11-05

In Hong Kong, for certain ethnic groups, the proportion of working women is low. Although some of them wish to work, their culture may expect them to stay indoors and look after children. In the Policy Address, the Government has announced plans to provide extra training and incentive payments to home-based child carers. Can it open up employment opportunities for such ethnic minority women?


Are zero-cost index funds the future of pensions?

Public Finance and Fiscal Policy | 2018-11-12

Index funds have been lowering their investment fees in recent years, resulting in a relatively pricey management fee of certain pension funds. Is index fund the safest place to stash retirement savings?


Decoding the Hong Kong Genome Project

Technology and Innovation | 2018-11-16

In the Policy Address, the Government has announced its plan to conduct a large-scale genome sequencing project in Hong Kong, aiming to enhance the clinical application of genomic medicine. How will genomic sequencing facilitate treatment of diseases? How can the city better equip itself to reap the benefits of genomic medicine?