Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre Ventures into Online Dating Business

Politics | 2016-05-11

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre today announces its expansion into online dating. Tired of its policy proposals falling on deaf ears and jaded by the bickering in the LegCo, the Centre has decided to divert its energy away from typical socioeconomic issues and towards the more important business of matchmaking for lonely Hongkongers.


Submission on Retirement Protection

Government reports and consultation papers | 2016-05-11

Facing the challenges of ageing population, and the urgent needs of hundreds of thousands of elderly living in poverty, Bauhinia supports a comprehensive retirement protection scheme that addresses elderly poverty and the insufficiency of Hong Kong’s existing retirement protection measures.


Out for self-righteousness, or out for justice?

Legal and Regulatory Development | 2016-05-13

The metro attacker in Taiwan was executed this week. The incident had sparked public outrage two years ago when it happened, with angry crowds beating the attacker. People sometimes are willing to take costly actions to fight for the justice even when they are not the victims, why so? Court judgements and government policy may be swayed by society’s moral outrage, but is this a good sign?


Major ‘surgery’ needed for the Medical Council

Healthcare | 2016-04-26

The Medical Council of Hong Kong that is in charge of regulating medical practitioners has been slammed for its low efficiency of handling complaints. The Government has recently tabled a reform proposal to the Legislative Council, though no consensus has been reached yet on the details. Despite all disputes, patients’ interests should come first.


MICE tourism: The new driving force behind Hong Kong’s travel industry?

Commerce, Finance and Business | 2016-05-23

Promoting Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions (MICE) tourism has been high on the agenda of policymakers to reinvigorate local travel industry. Yet the declining number of overnight MICE arrivals last year and a lack of venue space are painting a gloomy picture. How can the city boost the MICE market?