Consensus reached on boosting land supply for housing, concerns prevail over public-private partnership

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-04-24

Bauhinia released a ‘Survey on public opinion towards land supply for housing and public-private partnership for housing development in Hong Kong’, which examined public views on land resources for housing, in particular public-private partnership for housing development and the ‘Starter Homes’ scheme.


Long stay tourism, an alternative to retirement?

Social and Economic Mobility | 2018-06-13

Long stay tourism is recently on the rise, enabling pensioners to move to places that offer a low cost of living with comprehensive health care services for retirement. While some developing countries are rolling out the welcome mat for foreign retirees, will it shed any light on Hong Kong’s ageing population?


A Scottish experiment in minimum unit pricing

Public Finance and Fiscal Policy | 2018-06-11

Recently, Scotland has become the first in the world to establish a minimum unit price of alcohol, meaning drinks with a large amount of alcohol could no longer be sold cheaply. What alcohol problem is Scotland trying to tackle via this innovative measure, and what are the possible effects?     


Is bold spending the new normal for the Government?

Public Finance and Fiscal Policy | 2018-05-29

People who are busy filing their tax returns may be wondering how the current administration will use their taxes. The Government’s annual budget forecasts the government expenses for the next few years. In addition to this clue, studying the underlying demographic trends can also inform us the Government’s principles in managing the public purse.


Transforming footbridges into community spaces

Housing, Infrastructure and Land | 2018-05-09

Elevated pedestrian corridors provide not only connectivity, they can become community spaces as well, as proven by the examples of ‘elevated community spaces’ in Seoul and New York. What lessons can Hong Kong learn from their infrastructure and management practices?