About us

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre is an independent policy think tank set up in March 2006 to focus on Hong Kong’s long-term competitiveness and socioeconomic well-being. We seek to analyse the key factors and conditions that would contribute to Hong Kong’s overall and long-term development through relevant policy studies and current affairs analyses.

Our research interests cover the following areas:

  • Regional macroeconomic development – with special emphasis on economic integration with the Mainland and the competitive edge of the Pearl River Delta.
  • Economic and business environment – the conditions and policies for enhancing Hong Kong`s competitiveness in the long run, with special emphasis on policies and measures to attract business, funds and talents.
  • Social environment – the appropriate social policies, in areas such as environmental protection, education, labour, immigration, transport, medical and health, social welfare, town planning, land use and housing to maintain Hong Kong`s economic success.

By bringing together talents from different sectors, the Centre pledges to put forth considered and balanced views on policy issues, as well as rational, visionary and strategic ideas to contribute to the overall and long-term development of Hong Kong.