Analyses | Innovation and technology development | 2021-08-30 | Sing Tao

‘Lifts as a public transit’: Could pay-per-ride help minimise potential safety hazard of aged lifts?

After years of operations, major parts of a lift will eventually wear out, posing safety hazards to users. Nevertheless, the cost of lift modernisation or retrofitting safety devices is prohibitively high, making it difficult for flat owners of old residential buildings to reach a consensus on lift improvement works in Hong Kong. In Mainland, some companies have offered occupants a novel solution via a ‘lifts as a public transit’ scheme. Through the scheme, they install the lifts and bear the construction and maintenance costs while passengers only need to pay each time they ride, just like taking a bus. Could this pay-per-ride model help speed up the modernisation of lifts in Hong Kong ?

The full version of the commentary is in Chinese only.