Bauhinia Seminar and Workshop on Social Innovation

Date: 2010-06-15

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Address:  Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, G/F Chung Sze Yuen Building, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

What and Why of Social Innovation?

Cities all over the world are confronted with increasing society demand on health care, education, youth and elderly services, community development and other welfare services. It is obvious that these demands cannot be addressed through applying pressure on existing models of public and social service, or trying to squeeze more productivity out of the system. We need innovative solutions to meet social needs of different kinds: from new strategies, concepts, ideas to process and organizations. We also need to build the capacity of the civil society and collaboration amongst the public sector, NGOs and business as social innovation is increasingly seen to happen most effectively in the space between the three sectors.

Held on 15 June 2010 the Social Innovation Seminar and Workshop were part of the Centre’s continuous programme to promote creativity and innovation in Hong Kong. The event brought together top social innovation practitioners and entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, including Mr Geoff Mulgan and Ms Rushanara Ali, Director and Associate Director of Young Foundation. The Young Foundation is a centre for social innovation based in London, with a 55 year track record of success in creating new organizations - public, private and non-profit - bringing together insight, innovation and entrepreneurship to meet social needs. Another hugely popular speaker was Ms Caroline Casey, an award winning social entrepreneur and internationally renowned motivational speaker.


The event was attended by top government officials, professionals and executives in the public and social service sectors as well as academics, social researchers and design professionals.


Featured Speakers

Christine Fang

Chief Executive, Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Florence Hui

Under Secretary for Home Affairs, Home Affairs Bureau, HKSARG

Kee Chi Hing

Honorary Director, Fullness Christian Vocation Training Centre

Geoff Mulgan

Director, Young Foundation

Ada Wong

Solicitor, Hon Chief Executive, Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture