Distinguished Lecture Series on Innovation - Creativity and Business Innovation

Date: 2009-12-05

Time: 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Today the efficient and cost-effective provision and deployment of resources no longer guarantee sustainable advantage. Instead, competitive advantage of a firm is increasingly tied to how its workforce can think outside the box, see fleeting opportunities, and leverage these opportunities to design, innovate and market high-margin products and services. Contrary to conventional wisdom, creativity and conceptual thinking are not innate; rather, they can be learned, nourished and mastered through concerted effort and conscious persistence. This seminar aimed to put you in a lateral mindset where you could discover new opportunities through conceptual thinking. More specifically, Prof. Farhoomand first discussed the rise of creative class and the role of creativity and innovation in economic development. He then turned to impediments to creativity, covering a wide range of issues such as cognitive and information processing biases that affect creativity before focusing on ways to overcome these obstacles. The participants left the seminar with a fresh outlook and a better appreciation of the important role that creativity and innovation play as competitive tools.


Featured Speakers

Prof. Ali Farhoomand

Founding Director, Asia Case Research, School of Business, HKU