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Start afresh during the epidemic
Expedite the long-term development of primary healthcare services in Hong Kong by drawing reference from seven selected places

The study ‘Moving towards universal health coverage: Overseas experiences on enhancing PHC’ examined the experiences in developing PHC services in seven selected places (England, Australia, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel and Mainland China). By making cross-references to their vision, policy directions and initiatives, the study aims at mapping out a primary healthcare service model that suits Hong Kong most.


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Hong Kong tops world’s highest spending in private primary healthcare
Diversified financing to ease healthcare burden

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre examined the changes in Hong Kong's Primary Healthcare (PHC) expenditure in the past 10 years (financial year 2007/08 to 2016/17) and certain factors contributing to the changes, aiming to summarise the overview of Hong Kong's PHC expenditure which helps pave a data-based foundation to propel the development of PHC with the effective use of financial resources.