Research | Regional and economic development | 2006-11-28

Study Report by Professor Yeung Yue-man and his research team “11th Five Year Plan: Opportunities and Challenges for Hong Kong”

Hong Kong has been covered for the first time in the Mainland’s 11th 5-Year Plan, a blueprint that will guide China’s socio-economic development in the next five years. Given the increasingly rapid economic integration between Hong Kong and the Mainland, the Plan is bound to bring about both challenges and opportunities for Hong Kong.

To capture the enormous opportunities presented to us and meet the challenges in a keenly competitive environment, it is important that we have a good understanding of the macro developments of the Mainland economy under the Plan. This would help us examine the role of Hong Kong in the rapidly changing environment.

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre has commissioned Professor Yeung Yue-man and his research team of the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies in April this year to conduct an indepth study into the subject. Their research report had been completed and was released today (28 November).

A spokesman for the Centre said, “The findings of Professor Yeung’s report are most comprehensive with detailed analyses of the key issues under the 11 th Five Year Plan, including the possible risk of Hong Kong being marginalised, as well as a number of recommendations.

“Professor Yeung’s report is the initial study of a series of research projects the Centre has been pursuing on Hong Kong’s long term development. The Centre will carefully examine Professor Yeung’s findings and consider carrying out follow-up research projects.”


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