Child cost calculator

The Child Cost Calculator helps you estimate how much it will cost to raise a child in Hong Kong from the first day of pregnancy to the day of his/ her obtaining the first degree. Please be reminded that bringing up a kid is a complicated process and it’s impossible for the calculator to cover all scenarios. You may make your choice by referring to the information in the reference boxes which appear when mouseover.

The Calculator assumes all children in Primary 1 are six years old at the beginning of the school year and they will complete tertiary education at the age of 22. The progression of child development in this Calculator is therefore divided into the following stages:

Stage 1: Infancy (e.g. Age 0 – 3)
Stage 2: Kindergarten (e.g. Age 3 – 6)
Stage 3: Primary (e.g. Age 6 – 12)
Stage 4: Secondary (e.g. Age 12 – 18)
Stage 5: College/ University (e.g. Age 18 – 22)

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