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Is Hong Kong ready to become a leading hub for family offices?


While the number of Asian billionaires setting up family offices to transfer their family wealth to the next generation is rising, Financial Services Development Council has published a study report recently to promote Hong Kong as an international hub for family offices. This article will analyse the advantages and challenges of developing family office business in Hong Kong.

What travel will look like when Hong Kong eases travel restrictions?


The local tourism industry has been in the doldrums as a result of coronavirus pandemic. Yet, the sector should not sit there waiting for the storm to pass. With reference to the situation in Mainland China and overseas where have eased travel restrictions gradually as well as the forecasts by foreign travel veterans, this article introduces four tourism trends that may appear when Hong Kong eases restrictions on travel, in a bid to help the industry prepare ahead.

Survival rules to run a startup in the shadow of tech giants


Although the global economy has been battering by the COVID-19 pandemic, some top tech companies, such as Amazon and Facebook, have performed surprisingly well. While these tech giants are the role models for many startups, some scholars have observed that the number of fast-growing startups is declining. What are the reasons behind the trend?

Pay as you need: The emerging on-demand insurance


On-demand insurance is emerging in recent years. It allows consumers to purchase insurance when their assets are in use and at risk. This article analyses the factors driving the development of this new product and discusses the opportunities and challenges it brings to consumers and the insurance industry.

Fortune in a blind box


Collecting art toys in ‘blind boxes’ is popular among mainland Chinese youngsters in recent years. Those toys are randomly packed in unmarked boxes. Consumers do not know what they will get until the boxes are opened. A Mainland company that sells blind box art toys has filed for an IPO in Hong Kong. Is there an opportunity or an illusion inside the ‘blind box’?

The rise of solo economy


Owing to the changes in demographic structure and social culture, marriage and having children are no longer put as a matter of course. On the contrary, more people tend to stay single, thus creating a demand for the solo economy. How should the business sector seize the opportunity?

How does identity affect your decisions?


‘Self-identity’ is one of the elements that influences people's choices. That being the case, we can thoroughly analyse group behaviours by studying people’s ‘self-identity’. The ‘yellow economic circle’, which has aroused considerable public concern over the past few months, is also a consumer behaviour driven by ‘self-identity’. How far does such behaviour affect the society?

How would ‘travel bubble’ shape the post-lockdown tourism?


The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the global tourism into a super-cold winter. However, some countries and regions with the slowing spread of coronavirus are mulling to create ‘travel bubbles’ and lift travel restrictions within the ‘bubbles’, so as to restart the economy. How can Hong Kong be inspired by this idea when the Government is in discussions with the Mainland about relaxing cross-boundary quarantine measures?

Transformation of traditional industries: A big push by stay-at-home economy


A large proportion of the population is forced to stay at home for prolonged periods due to the spread of COVID-19, which however has stimulated the growth of ‘stay-at-home economy’. Online shopping platforms, media streaming platforms and gaming industry are actually thriving amidst the pandemic-induced economic downturn. How should the traditional industries transform to survive?