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The legal disputes triggered by business activities in the outer space


There is an increasing number of private companies expanding their business activities from Earth into space, such as space travel, manufacturing rockets and spaceships and establishing satellite internet networks. However, as no country can appropriate and claim sovereignty over the outer space, how should the international space law be designed to maintain order and protect people’s right in space?

2019 Youth movement II: Evolution of consumer power in the digital age


Most young people growing up in the digital era have a distinctive attitude towards consumption. In addition, the recent emergence of political consumerism in Hong Kong has been echoed by many young supporters. What are the impacts of the digital world and social changes on young people in making buying decisions? How should the business sector respond to this consumer power?

How to grab the chances created by virtual idols?


The virtual idol culture, originated from Japan, is gaining popularity worldwide. The increasing number of fans has inspired the development of different economic activities. What are the reasons behind the boom? Are there any business opportunities arising for Hong Kong?

Urban space experiment: Turning sidewalks into play streets


In addition to serving pedestrian and vehicles, streets can also be transformed into playgrounds where children can play safely and freely. In the UK, some people advocate temporary lane closures for creating ‘play streets’ in the communities. Many local councils even formulate policies to support it. A similar experiment has also been conducted in Hong Kong. How was it executed? And what was the outcome?

Is Hong Kong ready to thrive in the era of ‘New Retail’?


Some enterprises have been implementing the ‘New Retail’ concept by integrating online and offline shopping channels in recent years. This concept is expected to not only provide consumers with more personalised shopping experiences, but also bring considerable sales revenues to enterprises. Can ‘New Retail’ become a new driving force of Hong Kong amid industry slowdown?

Challenges in regulating companies with weighted voting rights


The very first company with weighted voting rights has officially been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It not only affects investors with a high risk tolerance, but also the general public at large, as an investment officer pointed out that their pension fund would inevitably buy the shares of companies with weighted voting right if they were included on major indices - even though they preferred not to.

Investors better watch out as unicorns are coming to town


In recent years, there has been a growing number of venture capital investments in start-ups. With abundant capital resources, some start-ups chose to delay their initial public offerings. In this regard, how would public investors be affected? What should they keep in mind when making investment decisions?

How can Hong Kong tap into the booming Halal food market?


Hong Kong people are no strangers to Halal food. In recent years, Halal-related businesses such as Halal food expositions and certification of Halal food products have also come under the spotlight. What opportunities are there for Hong Kong to expand its local or overseas Halal food market?