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Building a Hong Kong-Shenzhen Metropolis

To a very large extent, Hong Kong and Shenzhen have already or nearly attained the standard of an international metropolis in various aspects. In respect of economic size, the combined GDP of Hong Kong and Shenzhen was US$259 billion in 2006, ranking amongst the world’s top international metropolises, behind Tokyo, New York and London. With regard to the size of the city, the two cities occupy a combined area of over 3,000 square kilometres and have a combined population of over 20 million, surp

Competitiveness of the Hong Kong Economy: A Study on Productivity Growth, Unit Labour Costs & Structural Changes in Export Composition

Our assessment of the competitiveness of the Hong Kong economy from various perspectives indicates that the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong economy has been improving during the past several years. However, from a longer term historical perspective, there are still a number of areas in which Hong Kong’s competitiveness has been eroded relative to her main competitors in East Asia, especially in export sector.

Review of HK's Socio-Economic Progress: A Quantitative Assessment


The study seeks to give an overview of the economic and social progress of Hong Kong over the past two decades, and to track the outstanding and emerging challenges for Hong Kong going forward. It aims at providing a balanced and objective assessment to help establish a factual context for policy-making and wider discussion. 

Hong Kong Competitiveness: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

Competitiveness has emerged as a pre-eminent issue in many major economies around the world. The ability of a nation or region to succeed in international markets, to achieve high levels of productivity, to create an attractive business environment, and ultimately to provide a high standard of living to its residents has long been a focus of analysis and policy. Work on competitiveness over the last two decades has shown the importance of a systemic approach that encompasses overall economic co