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Challenges in regulating companies with weighted voting rights


The very first company with weighted voting rights has officially been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It not only affects investors with a high risk tolerance, but also the general public at large, as an investment officer pointed out that their pension fund would inevitably buy the shares of companies with weighted voting right if they were included on major indices - even though they preferred not to.

Investors better watch out as unicorns are coming to town


In recent years, there has been a growing number of venture capital investments in start-ups. With abundant capital resources, some start-ups chose to delay their initial public offerings. In this regard, how would public investors be affected? What should they keep in mind when making investment decisions?

How can Hong Kong tap into the booming Halal food market?


Hong Kong people are no strangers to Halal food. In recent years, Halal-related businesses such as Halal food expositions and certification of Halal food products have also come under the spotlight. What opportunities are there for Hong Kong to expand its local or overseas Halal food market?

Cyber insurance: A largely untapped market


Cyber insurance has been shown to be a promising mechanism to mitigate losses from cyber incidents, and at the same time, the market sees encouraging growth. Despite raising internet safety standards of the insured companies, how can Hong Kong use risk transfer instruments and nurture a local reinsurance market?

How do international financial centres come about?


What makes a city an international financial centre may be a question that is on many people's mind. A recently released study by scholars from Oxford University and University of Sydney offer some expected findings as well as some surprising insights into the characteristics of such cities.

Cultivating diverse talent for the global MICE industry


Driven by emerging markets such as Singapore, China and India, the exhibition industry in the Asia Pacific – registering a strong revenue growth of 8.6% during 2017-2023 – is expected to lead global growth. To seize the opportunities ahead, apart from upgrading its hardware and services, Hong Kong needs to actively groom talent in related fields.

Co-location arrangement: Last mile connection to high-speed rail


The construction of Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL) and the implementation of co-location arrangement can enhance human mobility in the Greater Bay Area, promoting Pearl River Delta integration. In the long run, they may also strengthen the connection among Hong Kong, Mainland China, Southeast Asia region and countries along the ‘Belt and Road’.

Virtual banks will soon become more common in Hong Kong


The Government is planning to allow technology companies to own and operate virtual banks in Hong Kong, aiming to issue licences this year. Although Hong Kong did have virtual banks in the past, they were far from being popular among citizens. As technology giants are getting mature with their digital businesses, it is time to reevaluate the potential of virtual banking.