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Hong Kong’s MICE industry can thrive despite space limitations


Amid rising competition across cities in Asia Pacific, the Government has laid out a roadmap for the HKCEC’s extension projects, despite they will take many years to complete. Based on the examples of Amsterdam, Vienna and Barcelona, it is likely that Hong Kong can make optimal use of its current capabilities and unique position to strengthen its competitiveness before the projects are done.

Can Hongkong Post deliver banking services?


In order to promote financial services, a convenience store chain will soon provide cash withdrawal service to the elderly in several shops in remote areas. In some overseas regions such as the United Kingdom, Singapore and Taiwan, citizens can access banking services through post offices. Can Hongkong Post draw lessons from their experiences?

Introducing financial literacy into basic education


Almost every employee is required to make Mandatory Provident Fund contributions. However, some degree of financial knowledge is essential to choose schemes that best fit one’s needs. Including Hong Kong, many places are already adding elements of financial management to basic education, but how far we need to go is still worth discussing.

ESG investing: Assessing investment risk through corporate social responsibility


Socially responsible investing is seen as a choice of morally-conscious investors. However, some are also striving to establish a disclosure standard related to firms’ performance in environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, suggesting these factors affect investment returns. Is ESG an effective way to control investment risk or just another slogan to promote corporate social responsibility?

Brexit: An opportunity or a wake-up call to Hong Kong?


Brexit may bring prospects to other international financial centres including Hong Kong. The city enjoys competitive advantages – close ties with the Mainland, the role in the Belt and Road Initiative and being one of the most active markets for initial public offerings (IPOs) – to tap new markets. Yet, the downsides of the situation should not be overlooked.

‘SME Internationalisation’ – a keyword for 2018 in policy discussion


When it comes to local brands’ overseas expansion, people may either focus on the successes of individual enterprises or the international reputation of ‘Hong Kong Brand’, instead of associating such commercial expansion with local economic development. Singapore’s perspective on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Internationalisation may provide valuable insights into enterprises in Hong Kong. 

What are the concerns when having water taxi service on board?


According to the ‘Development Blueprint for Hong Kong’s Tourism Industry’ unveiled by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, the Government will explore the provision of water taxi serving locations with major tourist attractions within Victoria Harbour. In this regard, Hong Kong may draw lessons from the extensive experience of other countries. 

How to regulate equity crowdfunding?


Many micro and small companies in other regions have been using equity crowdfunding to raise funds, whereas in Hong Kong, legal and regulatory restrictions are holding it back. How to strike a balance between the promotion and regulation of equity crowdfunding merits discussion.

Zhuhai: An emerging technopolis


As one of the cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, Zhuhai has devoted massive resources to research and development in recent years and reshaped its traditional industries through applying advanced technologies. Can Zhuhai’s experience be a lesson to Hong Kong?

Passive investing still requires some effort


More investors are putting their money in passive investment vehicles such as ETFs in recent years, which has empowered index administrators in deciding where the money will go. To gain a better understanding of these investing strategies, you may be interested in knowing whether a conflict of interest exists during the computation of stock indices.