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High value-added tourism: Towards cultural and creative tours


Global travellers are keener on exploring tours that make them better understand local people’s cultures. Could the tourism industry in Hong Kong tap into this desire for new experiences and expand its reach? Are the related policies and laws compatible with the changing travel patterns?

How to reposition the ETF market in Hong Kong?


There are many ‘zero transaction’ products in the Hong Kong Exchanged Traded Funds (ETF) market. To reinvigorate the local ETF market, could Hong Kong learn from the market situation in Singapore and the United States?

Independent Mainland travellers: What they really want to visit?


As the largest source of inbound tourism of Hong Kong, Mainland visitors are diversifying their travel patterns. Led by the Generation Y, many of them prefer local cultural tours to guided shopping tours. To better understand their needs is essential for Hong Kong to promote Hong Kong’s tourism in the long run.

Reach for the sky: Cooperating with the Mainland to provide global aviation weather services


With Christmas just around the corner, many will be flying abroad. Weather is crucial to a safe and comfortable flight. Currently, global meteorological information for aviation is mainly provided by the two World Area Forecast Centres in the United States and the United Kingdom. Supported by the Hong Kong Observatory, the Mainland is setting up an Asian Aviation Weather Centre, which aspires to provide weather services to the Asia region and, eventually, the world. The Centre has invited the Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr. Shun Chi-ming, to explain the global situation of aviation weather services, as well as opportunities that could be opened up through the cooperation with the Mainland.

Business 2.0: Creating shared value


Business is business. However, is it possible for firms to create economic value while simultaneously addressing societal challenges? The concept of ‘creating shared value’ or CSV gives rise to such transformation of business thinking.

Preparing for bad weather – Weather index insurance


Travelling, just like investing, involves some degree of risk. When a trip is spoiled by bad weather - say a festival being cancelled due to weather conditions, are there any insurance companies willing to provide coverage? Is the concept of ‘index insurance’ applicable to Hong Kong?

The future of theme parks: Disneyland as an example


Disneyland and Ocean Park, the two largest theme parks in Hong Kong, are popular tourist attractions that play a key role in supporting the local tourism industry. With numerous theme parks opening in the Asian region shortly, it is time to take stock if a theme park is a panacea for the city’s tourism industry or a prelude to a white elephant.

New inflation gauge goes online


When it comes to raising MTR fare and employees’ salaries, or making public policies, reference has often been made to the inflation rate. While the traditional method of collecting prices through personal visits to measure inflation is lengthy and expensive, the new trend of using real-time online price data for measurement has its own appeal.

Get a head start on your career by learning Arabic?


While people in Hong Kong can speak three languages in general, Arabic, being the fourth most spoken language worldwide as well as the official language of 14 countries along the Belt and Road, is getting a real boost globally. To stay competitive in today’s workplace, is Arabic the language to learn?