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The future of theme parks: Disneyland as an example


Disneyland and Ocean Park, the two largest theme parks in Hong Kong, are popular tourist attractions that play a key role in supporting the local tourism industry. With numerous theme parks opening in the Asian region shortly, it is time to take stock if a theme park is a panacea for the city’s tourism industry or a prelude to a white elephant.

New inflation gauge goes online


When it comes to raising MTR fare and employees’ salaries, or making public policies, reference has often been made to the inflation rate. While the traditional method of collecting prices through personal visits to measure inflation is lengthy and expensive, the new trend of using real-time online price data for measurement has its own appeal.

Get a head start on your career by learning Arabic?


While people in Hong Kong can speak three languages in general, Arabic, being the fourth most spoken language worldwide as well as the official language of 14 countries along the Belt and Road, is getting a real boost globally. To stay competitive in today’s workplace, is Arabic the language to learn?

MICE tourism: The new driving force behind Hong Kong’s travel industry?


Promoting Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions (MICE) tourism has been high on the agenda of policymakers to reinvigorate local travel industry. Yet the declining number of overnight MICE arrivals last year and a lack of venue space are painting a gloomy picture. How can the city boost the MICE market?

Green investment banks to attract private capital to climate action


Governments are setting up green investment banks to encourage private investments in low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure projects, by being trailblazers in green projects to demonstrate that such investments can bring profits. The question is: How do green investment banks capture green investment opportunities that private investors seem to miss?

Can green bonds guarantee a greener planet?


The fast-growing market for green bonds is gaining global interest in recent years as a promising financing tool for projects with environmental or climate change purposes. But without universal agreement on the definition or standards for green projects, the green shoots of the market might hardly sprout.

Is Silver Bond sufficient to back senior savers?


A government-backed bond for the elderly, namely the ‘Silver Bond’, will soon be on sale, as announced in this year’s Budget speech. How effective is the new investment scheme in helping the elderly plan for their retirement?

How can Hong Kong make use of ASEAN’s infrastructure funding needs?


ASEAN countries are in need of a major infrastructure buildup. However, both government spending and foreign investment are insufficient to meet the funding demand. It is noteworthy that these ASEAN countries are replete with private savings – a platform for Hong Kong to channel such savings to infrastructure investment by providing them with expertise.

ASEAN is in need of connecting infrastructure


The ASEAN Community came into being on December 31, 2015. To make a further step in Southeast Asia’s road to integration, adequate infrastructure is also required to link people and goods. However, data and research show that the existing infrastructure in most ASEAN countries leaves much to be desired.

Running a marathon business


A record high number of runners have signed up for this year’s Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon in January. In 2015, nearly 100 marathons have been held globally according to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) statistics. With huge economic benefits in sight, organising marathon races has become a lucrative business.