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Moving towards universal health coverage: Overseas experiences on enhancing PHC

The study ‘Moving towards universal health coverage: Overseas experiences on enhancing PHC’ examined the experiences in developing PHC services in seven selected places (England, Australia, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel and Mainland China). By making cross-references to their vision, policy directions and initiatives, the study aims at mapping out a primary healthcare service model that suits Hong Kong most.

Healthcare for All: Why and How?

The study on ‘Healthcare for All: Why and How?’ examines the obstacles and challenges faced in developing Primary Healthcare (PHC) services in Hong Kong, and makes recommendations on how to perfect the district-based PHC service delivery model and enhance related services.

Enhancing planning and lands policies

Based on the principles of fairness, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, the study on ‘Enhancing planning and lands policies’ aims to put forth recommendations for accelerating the process of land production by reviewing six major policy areas involved.

Realising your dreams through vocational education and training

The study on ‘Realising your dreams through vocational education and training (VET)’ suggests ways to enhance the VET system through restructuring its academic pathways and restoring public confidence in VET. Our suggestions aim to help students develop their talents into strengths and reach full potential, thus building a vibrant talent pool to facilitate the city’s overall development.

Review of Hong Kong Public Housing Resources

The study on ‘Review of Hong Kong public housing resources: Better utilisation of resources, better home for all’ examines the existing public housing policy and the effectiveness of related measures, and explores how to optimise the available public housing resources and suggests ways to better address housing needs of Hongkongers.

Work-life Balance: Getting started with flexible work arrangements

The study on ‘Work-life Balance: Getting started with flexible work arrangements’ explores how flexible work arrangements can help employees achieve work-life balance and strengthen companies’ human capital, and demonstrates how it can help tackle the challenges arising from a shrinking local workforce.

Bauhinia Well-being Index

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre released a study on ‘Bauhinia Well-being Index’ today, which highlights that despite the upward performance of the Hong Kong economy in the last 15 years, the Bauhinia Well-being Index (BWI) remained almost stagnant, with a widening gap between the two. Between 2000 and 2015, Hong Kong’s cumulative growth in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita was 56.9%, whilst the BWI was up by 0.4% only, showing that economic prosperity has no significant impact on people’s happiness.

Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre 10th Anniversary

2016 marked the 10th anniversary of Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre. We take this opportunity to review our achievements and experiences in policy research, and look closer into the social changes in the city over the past decade. Moving forward, the Centre will continue to put forward rational and visionary policy recommendations to promote the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

Retirement: Your Will, Your Way

The Centre released a study on ‘Retirement: Your Will, Your Way’ , aiming to build up robust retirement protection in two ways: by setting up a ‘Public Pension’ and by refining the MPF system. The Centre concurs with the saying ‘Different people, different needs’, and therefore has offered extensive recommendations on enhancing the current retirement protection system.

Child Cost Calculator

Launched in 2014, the Calculator has simplified a long and complicated process of bringing up a kid, with an assumption that all children enter Primary One at the age of six and complete tertiary education at 22. It covers costs of education, clothing and food, transport, travelling, entertainment, medicine and insurance, housing and other miscellaneous items.