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How will 'social nomads' change the ecology of social media?


The competition between different social media platforms is fierce nowadays, providing plenty of choices for people to ‘migrate’ from one platform to another. Some users have even gotten used to be active on multiple platforms and become ‘social nomads’. The culture has been reshaping the business model of social media.

Paying real money for virtual clothes. Is it the future fashion?


With the rise of virtual consumption, the fashion industry has introduced digital clothing and sparked a shopping craze in recent years. How does virtual fashion increase consumers’ appetite? What opportunities can it bring to the fashion industry in Hong Kong?

Smart tourism: How far has Hong Kong gone?


In recent years, the Hong Kong Government has been committed to infiltrating the elements of technology and innovation into the tourism industry. Yet, the local development of smart tourism is still at an initial stage. In comparison, some countries have already used big data to analyse tourist flows and preferences. How can the Government and industry practitioners acquire inspiration from these experience?

Cancel culture: Speak up or shut up


Have you ever thought of falling into the ‘cancel culture’ trap if your views shared on social media platforms do not conform to the majority opinion? Some overseas authors have signed an open letter lately, warning that ‘cancel culture’ has threatened freedom of speech. How can internet users strike a balance between freedom of expression and the responsibility for their speech?

Fueling the future: How to unlock the potential of hydrogen energy?


Many countries and car manufacturers have actively promoted the development of hydrogen cars over the past few years. In the meantime, some energy giants have targeted the business opportunities of hydrogen energy and built infrastructures for hydrogen production. What are the advantages of hydrogen energy? Is it possible to replace fossil fuels in the long run?

Will collecting employees’ health data become a trend in workplace?


Many employers have started collecting and tracking employees’ health information to help them improve their health in recent years. At the same time, some job applicants include health data in their resumes to show their personal strengths. However, there are certain noteworthy issues.

Artificial Intelligence researches need responsible publication norms?


Artificial intelligence (AI) technology brings convenience to human life, but it is also used for evil purpose. Some AI research organisations have advocated measures to release AI researches and technologies ‘responsibly’ recently. It includes staged release of research outcomes, which helps monitor the misuse and evaluate potential malicious uses of the technologies. However, some industry practitioners criticised that staged release goes against the open source culture. How should the industry publish AI researches ‘responsibly’?

The rise of virtual travelling: A flash of light or a rising star?


The global tourism industry is suffering its worst shock due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies in the field have thus developed virtual travelling so that people can travel around the world without leaving their homes. Is it a long-term business opportunity or just a temporary substitute?

The ferry industry has been shrinking. Can electrification be a way out?


The use of ferries across Victoria Harbour has been marginalised by the City’s well-developed land-based transport system. With a view to reducing emissions, the latest Budget suggests earmarking $350 million to launch a pilot scheme on electric ferries serving inner harbour routes of the Victoria Harbour in 2022 - 2023 at the earliest.  Can this bring new development opportunities to the ferry industry?