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The rise of virtual travelling: A flash of light or a rising star?


The global tourism industry is suffering its worst shock due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies in the field have thus developed virtual travelling so that people can travel around the world without leaving their homes. Is it a long-term business opportunity or just a temporary substitute?

The ferry industry has been shrinking. Can electrification be a way out?


The use of ferries across Victoria Harbour has been marginalised by the City’s well-developed land-based transport system. With a view to reducing emissions, the latest Budget suggests earmarking $350 million to launch a pilot scheme on electric ferries serving inner harbour routes of the Victoria Harbour in 2022 - 2023 at the earliest.  Can this bring new development opportunities to the ferry industry?

Should we give up the public payphone service in Hong Kong?


The Communications Authority decided to embark on a review of the number of public payphones two years ago. The review is expected to be completed before the end of 2019. The society has different opinions on leaving or keeping the public payphone kiosks, but beside these two-prospective, we still have other choices.

Kidfluencers are coming to town. Are we ready?


The culture of internet celebrity has been flourishing, initiating kids’ dreams of becoming stars. However, the online world is full of perils including harassment, negative reviews and threats from criminals. Are children equipped to deal with it?

Gene-edited food is coming, will people try it?


The world population is expected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050 according to the latest data from the United Nations. At the same time, under the global warming crisis, extreme precipitation events will very likely be more intense and more frequent, considerably affecting food supply. Some scientists suggest increasing crop yield by using gene editing techniques. But what is gene-edited food?

How to grab the chances created by cyber cat petting?


Petting is not merely associated with individual preferences, it also involves a wide range of economic activities. Advances in technology have reinvented people’s petting experience with cyber cat petting, which is gaining popularity. What is the economic potential of cyber cat petting? Can Hong Kong capitalise on the business opportunities?

Market potential of online clothing rental service in Hong Kong


The development of the Internet has given rise to the popularity of ‘online clothing rental’ in some western countries. As more consumers embrace renting clothes over owning, does the online clothing rental service have huge potential market in Hong Kong? What are the challenges brought by its operational model?

Business potentials of video game IP development


The video game industry is thriving amid the robust development of animation, comic and game (ACG) industry. The ‘ACG world’ has unlocked the growth potentials of peripheral businesses. Developing the Intellectual Property (IP) of well-known video games with high adaptability can boost the development of peripheral cultural industries such as literature and films, which in turn may bring business opportunities to Hong Kong.

Using data trusts to facilitate the sharing of ‘the new oil’ - data


Vast amounts of personal data are held by numerous organisations. This sea of data has been described by some as “the new oil”, in which their true value can be extracted if they can be shared with other organisations. However, this idea also raises concern that the data will fall into the wrong hands. In order to encourage people to share their data with confidence, some people have suggested the concept of ‘data trusts’ in recent years…