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The patent war


The number of patent applications is increasing gradually, intensifying the war for patents. With reference to the latest Patent Cooperation Treaty Yearly Review, the Centre’s weekly analysis compares the current situations and development trends of patents in different countries, with the patent model of the Mainland being one of the highlights. The analysis points out that patents and innovation may not have any positive correlation from an academic point of view.

A flawed patent system


Patents have been created to help encourage and protect innovation, however, recent cases of abuse may have aroused concerns about the weaponisation of the patent system, which can be used by large enterprises to defend against small competitors. The Bauhinia’s weekly analysis looks into global patent wars taken place in the healthcare, Internet and smartphone markets, and analyses the pros and cons of the system by referring to scholars’ comments on the flaws in the patent market, and providing an overview of patent intermediaries, as well as government restrictions on patent wars.

Testing and certification: Room for development


Food safety issues again draw public attention following a report that beef balls sold in local eateries and discount supermarkets actually contained no beef. Our analysis examines the prospect of Hong Kong’s testing and certification industry from the perspectives of public policy, technology and talent availability. In view of its notable development in recent years, the Bauhinia believes that Hong Kong could contribute more to food safety of the region with its technology advancement in this respect.

Government records management


Filing and record management could be tedious – not to mention managing those aged and dust-laden Government records. The management of archival records, to a certain extent, reflects the Government’s readiness and ability to adapt to this information era. Bauhinia’s analysis for this week examines ways to improve the efficiency of record management of the Government and public organisations through administrative and legislative measures.

The 3D era


Our analysis this week talks about the opportunities for Hong Kong’s manufacturing and other emerging industries brought about by the increasingly popular 3D-priting technology. Business opportunities have sprung up with a diverse range of items being created by 3D-pritning, which in turn has attracted talents to explore the market. Looking ahead, Hong Kong may need to get ready for the new 3D era, in terms of education, talent availability and copyright protection, etc. The Government should take this into consideration when mapping out relevant policy.

Urban farming in Hong Kong


The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and the Vegetable Marketing Organisation have recently made use of vacant industrial buildings for growing hydroponic vegetables, which are sold at a lower price than imported organic vegetables. Urban farming should be further explored when food safety is drawing a high level of attention nowadays and the prices of food from the Mainland may increase as a result of economic and population growth, as well as the rise in local demand for food.

Eliminating prejudice against creative industry



Promoting entrepreneurship



Hong Kong needs a creative ecology