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How to grab the chances created by cyber cat petting?


Petting is not merely associated with individual preferences, it also involves a wide range of economic activities. Advances in technology have reinvented people’s petting experience with cyber cat petting, which is gaining popularity. What is the economic potential of cyber cat petting? Can Hong Kong capitalise on the business opportunities?

Market potential of online clothing rental service in Hong Kong


The development of the Internet has given rise to the popularity of ‘online clothing rental’ in some western countries. As more consumers embrace renting clothes over owning, does the online clothing rental service have huge potential market in Hong Kong? What are the challenges brought by its operational model?

Business potentials of video game IP development


The video game industry is thriving amid the robust development of animation, comic and game (ACG) industry. The ‘ACG world’ has unlocked the growth potentials of peripheral businesses. Developing the Intellectual Property (IP) of well-known video games with high adaptability can boost the development of peripheral cultural industries such as literature and films, which in turn may bring business opportunities to Hong Kong.

Using data trusts to facilitate the sharing of ‘the new oil’ - data


Vast amounts of personal data are held by numerous organisations. This sea of data has been described by some as “the new oil”, in which their true value can be extracted if they can be shared with other organisations. However, this idea also raises concern that the data will fall into the wrong hands. In order to encourage people to share their data with confidence, some people have suggested the concept of ‘data trusts’ in recent years…

Making ethical rules for the use of artificial intelligence


While artificial intelligence can make our lives more convenient, its potential risks have not gone unnoticed. How are tech companies and international organisations regulating the use of artificial intelligence (AI)? Are their principles and guidelines that govern the use of AI effective?

How can amateur sports training become professional with virtual reality technology?


Having a consistent exercise habit becomes more common in Hong Kong nowadays. Some people are even pursuing more professional trainings in order to strive for better performance. In recent years, the use of virtual reality (VR) technology in sports has gained popularity in some countries and has brought a wide range of benefits to amateur athletes. Can VR technology also transform local amateur athletes' training to next level? 

Synthetic biology series (2): How to build wealth with local talents?


Many governments around the world are optimistic about the potential of synthetic biology and the business opportunities brought by it. However, what are the essential factors to provide fertile ground for developing synthetic biology? Hong Kong has the ability to cultivate synthetic biology talents, but how can we build up the industry?

Synthetic biology series (1): A technology that even the richest person in the city pours money into


Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing is optimistic about the potential of synthetic biology, once described it as an ‘extremely disruptive technology’. Li’s investment arm Horizons Ventures has already invested in several synthetic biology startups in recent years, while foreign venture capital community also keeps an eye on it. What is synthetic biology? What are the potential impacts and risks?

Is empathy contributing the dark side of digital begging?


Launching fundraising campaigns through the internet, which allows people to reveal their financial needs and request monetary support from strangers, has gained popularity in recent years. However, some netizens are accused of using false identities to defraud donors, while some unemployed teenagers even earn a living by live-streaming and begging from social media followers for donations. What will be the impacts to the society when digital begging becomes more popular?