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The dangers and opportunities when eSports gets popular (2): the rise of eSports gambling


eSports industry is full of business opportunities, but it also induces people to gamble. There are numerous forms of eSports gambling, such as betting on eSports tournaments’ matches, skin lotteries and purchasing loot boxes in eSports games. Some overseas governments give the green light to eSports gambling, while some crack down on it. What should the Hong Kong government and industry do?

The dangers and opportunities when eSports gets popular (1): The intergenerational business opportunities


While eSports is currently an activity dominated by young people in Hong Kong, business opportunities can be found in other age groups too. For example, building an eSports training system for kids, and revamping games which can bring nostalgia to the middle-aged. The elderly is also a potential fan base, as playing eSports may be able to train their cognitive abilities and develop rapport with youngsters.

The potential of neuroscience in urban planning


While a well-designed city is conducive to quality of life, the issue is how can we ensure people are truly comfortable in certain urban settings? Some overseas researchers have attempted to figure this out via brainwave-detecting equipment. Some people even believe by applying neuroscience to urban planning, the city can be a better place to live in.

Can idle smartphones serve the world?


Our personal computers and smartphones sit idle for a long time each day. Some people choose to donate the idle computing power for the computation needs of large-scale research projects such as studies on climate change and finding cures for diseases. How does this ‘volunteer computing’ work, and what are its benefits and risks? 

Smart prison system helps released inmates get back on track


The Correctional Services Department plans to introduce ‘smart’ elements amid improving facilities of prisons. In addition to enhancing the efficiency of prison management and the level of security, what role can ‘smart prison’ play to help prisoners rehabilitate and reintegrate into society?

When robots bond with humans


Robots that can interact with humans are no longer science fiction but real life applications. What functions do these ‘social robots’ fulfill and how can they attract humans to interact with them? Also, as they are becoming more popular, should humans be more vigilant in safeguarding their territories?

The evolution of AI: A system that can explain itself


Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly important role in our daily life, but the public does not know how it makes decisions, leading to a lack of trust in AI. In recent years, scientists and technology companies have been attempting to create explainable artificial intelligence. If this technology becomes mature, who should bear the legal liability derived from its decision?

Can technology help meet the robust demand for cross-border e-commerce?


Cross-border shopping is on the rise globally, which has also driven the demand for cross-border airfreight shipping in Hong Kong. Due to a lack of labour, the industry is unable to handle the increasing volume of parcels and mails – in an extreme example, an occupational accident almost took place. As logistics technology is advancing rapidly nowadays, can it help meet the challenge facing the industry?