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New year, new trends: The trickery of ‘deep fakes’


We are entering an era where the power of machine learning can be used to produce fake videos that seem authentic. People with bad intentions may manipulate videos, the so-called ‘deep fakes’, to do something harmful to the society. Are there ways to combat deep fakes?

Using mobile apps to encourage silver-hair volunteering


Although currently the percentage of local elders who take part in volunteer work seems not high, research suggests, with proper motivation, many of them are willing to be a new source of volunteers for Hong Kong. Training classes and online platforms may just do the trick.

Securing your savings against data breach scam


When it comes to personal information security, focuses have been put on preventing data leaks. Yet, in the face of data breaches that hit numerous renowned enterprises, much of our personal data is no longer a secret to scammers. Identity authentication will take the spotlight in the aftermath of data breaches.

Decoding the Hong Kong Genome Project


In the Policy Address, the Government has announced its plan to conduct a large-scale genome sequencing project in Hong Kong, aiming to enhance the clinical application of genomic medicine. How will genomic sequencing facilitate treatment of diseases? How can the city better equip itself to reap the benefits of genomic medicine?

Planning smart cities from the ground up


Constrained by existing infrastructure, introducing high-tech elements that can make people’s lives better into an established community is challenging. Conversely, a smart city that has been conceptualised from the outset offers much greater possibilities. A smart neighbourhood pilot project to be carried out in Toronto can illustrate the potential of planning from the ground up.

True or false? Does fact-checking work?


The difficulty of validating online information has resulted in a yearning for authority and the rise of third-party fact-checking agencies. However, in an era of information bombardment, whether such agencies can make a difference remains a question.

Concerns over mobile gambling among youngsters


With online gambling flourishing, there are worries that youngsters may become addicted gamblers. However, a research suggests that internet gambling per se is not the critical factor that leads to addiction, but rather on the type of gadget used to place a bet online.

Futurology may shed light on policy formulation


Social development planning will be much easier if policymakers can get the hang of future predictions. In reality, there is no lack of research institutes and governments that explore ways to analyse the future of society, in the light of advocating and formulating policies.

Making eID secure and accessible in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Government plans to provide residents with an electronic identity (eID), which is a digital identity to conduct authentication for government and commercial transactions online. Can Hong Kong make reference to overseas experience to strengthen personal data protection and improve digital inclusiveness when introducing digital authentication?