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Expect the unexpected: The spread of news in the post-Facebook era


Facebook has been mired in controversy which may result in the platform being ditched by users. It is not merely Facebook’s own problem considering a vast amount of news are disseminated via this social media platform. If one day Facebook were not popular anymore, how would it reshape news distribution and consumption? Some newly released researches may provide some hints.

Ensuring the wellbeing of online moderators


Many social media and online forums assign moderators to remove disturbing content from their platforms. As such work is mentally toiling and may even cause mental issues, employers, internet users and even moderators themselves should learn how to maintain good mental health.

Know thyself: Promoting innovation and technology in the right direction


The development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong has been criticised for lagging behind its neighbouring regions. The Government is determined to double the R&D expenditure as a percentage of the GDP from 0.73% to 1.5% by the end of the current term. While the achievements of the city in innovation and technology may have been underestimated, the key to success lies in the alignment between strategic positioning and execution of R&D.

How to bridge the digital divide in the age of IoT?


It is indisputable that the Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping our lives. Meanwhile, will people who are materially-deprived lose out from the start? How can we bridge this new digital divide?

Who are the educators of digital literacy?


Children in Hong Kong are growing up in a world of gadgets. This may worry many parents who are not well-equipped to provide oversight, and if so, who can teach the digital generation to use technological devices wisely?

Shopping at your fingertips: Rational or emotional?


There is no question that online shopping is becoming popular, and many thrifty consumers believe it helps make smarter buying decisions. Meanwhile, some studies suggest that touchscreen devices may affect consumers’ purchasing decisions – a shopping pattern that marketers would love to capitalise on. All in all, who is the true winner in the realm of touchscreen shopping?

Re-energising rural communities


Lai Chi Wo Village is a successful example of rural revitalisation. Nevertheless, its model cannot be applied to other villages directly owing to the varied conditions of Hong Kong’s rural villages. Apart from promoting agricultural land rehabilitation, overseas countries have been employing a range of methods, such as optimising technological advancements and housing people who work in the creative industries and home-based businesses, to construct a more diversified rural economy. 

How can cobots help increase employment?


The potential of collaborative robots (cobots) has aroused more attention as they can allegedly assist humans to complete their tasks efficiently and safely. It is also claimed that cobots will not replace humans but work alongside. Considering this, will the collaboration between machines and humans be a zero-sum game or a winning mix?

More data, better research


Enhancing research capabilities in a region is not only about original research. Being able to access data generated by others in the course of research will also be of great help to researchers. Do local research funding bodies and universities have such an open research data policy? How are well-known overseas research-funding institutions encouraging researchers to open up their research data?