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Is a four-day work week feasible in Hong Kong?


Many employees in Hong Kong always work their tails off. As modern people put increasing emphasis on work-life balance, a four-day work week letting employees enjoy extra time off has become popular in foreign countries. One of the latest example is the tryout of Microsoft Japan allowing staffs to have Fridays off for a month. What are the results of different kinds of four-day work week experiments? Is this idea feasible in Hong Kong?

Pros and cons of self-set salaries


Allowing employees to adjust the salary level at their own discretion has become a new talent attraction strategy among overseas companies. It sounds like a good idea for employees. However, is it merely a gimmick of particular companies or operationally viable?

Ideal and reality of special education


The Chief Executive's 2019 Policy Address suggests providing additional service places for students with special educational needs (SEN) and implement a pilot project in order to provide early intervention services for children who show signs of special needs. Educational scholars have proposed various strategies to support SEN students over the years. What is the most effective way to foster social inclusion?

British porn firewall experiment: A lesson for Hong Kong?


The rapid advancement of internet technologies has sparked worries among parents that their children may access adult content easily, giving them a false idea about sex in real life. The UK Government plans to introduce a mandatory age verification scheme to keep online pornography away from adolescents, yet the scheme has been severely criticised by others. What can Hong Kong learn from overseas experiences?

The double-edged sword: Rethinking calls for birth control to save the planet


The fertility rates in most economically advanced regions, including Hong Kong, have been declining over the past few decades. Even though some governments are offering incentives to boost birth rates, the younger generation tends to have fewer children as they believe that relieving overpopulation can help combat global climate change. How do these two factors affect family planning of young couples?

How to improve young people's life chances by restructuring vocational education system?


Vocational and professional education and training (VPET) is one of the pathways to enhance young people’s upward mobility. However, VPET is generally considered as inferior to other academic articulation pathways, which in turn discourages some students from pursuing VPET. How should the Government promote and restructure the VPET to expand learning opportunities for young people?

How to improve the ETV services to enhance learning?


Educational Television (ETV), a series of programmes serving Hong Kong for almost five decades, was criticised by the Audit Commission for its high production cost and declining viewership. Those criticisms have aroused some people’s concern that whether the government expenditure on ETV is value for money. What should the Government do to promote the utilisation of ETV services?

Is reminding ‘smartphone zombies’ to cross the road safely useless?


Smartphones occupy people’s daily lives even the time of walking. Pedestrians use smartphone with rapt attention while crossing the road, dubbed the ‘smartphone zombies’, have become a headache for many governments. To solve the problem, some governments have introduced tailor-made traffic safety facilities for reminding ‘smartphone zombies’ not to jaywalk. What is the effectiveness of these facilities?

Is remote parental control technology a way to help dual-career families?


Thanks to technological advancement, many parents can monitor and take care of their children’s daily life with smart tools, such as the location tracking apps on smartphones. Some claimed that it helps keep tabs on children’s safety and build good habits; while some argued that it damages trust in parent-child relationship. How should parents strike a good balance between guidance and freedom?

Rethinking the needs of slashies I: Changes in formal education


Writing articles during the day, bartending at night, and making handicrafts for sale online in their spare time……When more and more youth become slashies who have multiple careers, they need to be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’. How could formal education change to address their needs?