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How to improve the ETV services to enhance learning?


Educational Television (ETV), a series of programmes serving Hong Kong for almost five decades, was criticised by the Audit Commission for its high production cost and declining viewership. Those criticisms have aroused some people’s concern that whether the government expenditure on ETV is value for money. What should the Government do to promote the utilisation of ETV services?

Is reminding ‘smartphone zombies’ to cross the road safely useless?


Smartphones occupy people’s daily lives even the time of walking. Pedestrians use smartphone with rapt attention while crossing the road, dubbed the ‘smartphone zombies’, have become a headache for many governments. To solve the problem, some governments have introduced tailor-made traffic safety facilities for reminding ‘smartphone zombies’ not to jaywalk. What is the effectiveness of these facilities?

Is remote parental control technology a way to help dual-career families?


Thanks to technological advancement, many parents can monitor and take care of their children’s daily life with smart tools, such as the location tracking apps on smartphones. Some claimed that it helps keep tabs on children’s safety and build good habits; while some argued that it damages trust in parent-child relationship. How should parents strike a good balance between guidance and freedom?

Rethinking the needs of slashies I: Changes in formal education


Writing articles during the day, bartending at night, and making handicrafts for sale online in their spare time……When more and more youth become slashies who have multiple careers, they need to be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’. How could formal education change to address their needs?

Luring global talent with internship programmes


Traditionally, one of the purposes of an internship is to provide opportunities for talent to gain experience. However, in view of manpower shortage, many overseas companies and governments have introduced student internship programmes to compete for global talent. This article may provide insights into recruitment strategies amid talent war.

The possibility of introducing balanced calendar into Hong Kong schools


November is a long month for Hong Kong students, considering that usually there is no specific general holiday in this month. Will students accept the proposal of shortening their summer break, in exchange for extra holidays during this period of time? For parents who need to take care of their children and arrange activities for them, is the suggestion a good deal?

Quality holds the key to attracting reputable international branch campuses


In recent years, the number of foreign students pursuing higher education in Hong Kong is growing. Some local universities have also been ‘exporting’ their education by setting up campuses in the Mainland. To further develop Hong Kong as a regional education hub, attracting prestigious international institutions to establish branch campuses in Hong Kong is another important key to success, in which it all comes down to delivering quality education.

Lifting racial barriers to early childhood education


To achieve racial equality, it requires persistent effort. However, the former support measures for non-Chinese speaking students in kindergartens were impermanent and relatively ineffective. Will the newly launched ‘Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme’ rectify the situation?

Let’s keep learning!


To encourage employees to pursue life-long education, some employers have introduced paid training leave. As flexible work arrangements are increasingly common, non-full-time workers may not be able to benefit from this measure. Can public policy help address this problem?