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Scoring or learning? Why not both?


It is commonly stated that ‘Learning is more than a test score’. But does this mean assessment mechanisms, although necessary, inherently detrimental to students’ learning? Studies show that a well-designed grading system can actually improve learning culture and help students become independent and autonomous learners.

Taking a gap year: Suitability for Hong Kong graduates


Many Hong Kong students are familiar with the gap year option, and long for a life as a gapper. Social convention assumes that students enter the labour market immediately upon graduation. Is the idea too foreign to Hongkongers or they don’t see the point in doing this?

University rankings: Do they represent everything?


With so many league tables on hand, in theory students should have no problem telling the good universities from the bad. However, it is important to bear in mind that ‘no size fits all’ – apart from scrutinising the rankings in league tables, students need to make sure the ranking criteria are in line with their individual needs.

TSA: Test Students Accurately


After months of consultation, the Education Bureau has announced that it will modify the controversial Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) and exempt 90% of primary schools from writing the test for Primary 3 in 2016. This week, the Centre takes a close look at the report released by the Education Bureau regarding the TSA while analysing the situation with school assessments in the United States.

Getting ready to open the door for free kindergarten education


Measures concerning free kindergarten education are expected to be announced in the upcoming Policy Address. This week, the Centre looks into the recent closure of some institutes which ran playgroup in Hong Kong and the insights drawn to kindergarten education.

Beyond words


Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015 is not a word at all. It's the tears-of-joy emoji. As the pictorial symbols start to take up prominent spaces in our digital conversations, emoji has now become a universal language.

Can data analysis technology customise education?


No size fits all appears to be particularly true for education. Personalised education has always remained a pipe-dream, but technology may make this happen. It is now possible to collect and analyse factors that can make or break a student's learning experience, to identify what works best for each student and to deliver a personalised education that can lead to better learning outcomes.