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What are the housing needs of young solo dwellers?


In recent years, the number of one-person households in Hong Kong is on the rise. Meanwhile, most of the youth are still living with their parents. As much as they want to live alone, moving out of home is easier said than done.

Transforming footbridges into community spaces


Elevated pedestrian corridors provide not only connectivity, they can become community spaces as well, as proven by the examples of ‘elevated community spaces’ in Seoul and New York. What lessons can Hong Kong learn from their infrastructure and management practices?

Parking management policy: A potential alternative to regulate traffic flow


The Government has been blamed for misjudging parking demand, which intensifies the problems of insufficient parking lots and illegal parking. However, should the Government respond to the growth rate of cars by simply increasing parking spaces? Overseas parking management policies may inspire further discussion in Hong Kong. 

What will people say about ‘Starter Homes’?


The Starter Homes, a new form of subsidised sale flat that aims at addressing the difficulty of Hong Kong young families in home purchasing, is one of the highlights of the very first policy address by the Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor. What insights would similar programmes and related discussions in other countries bring to Hong Kong?

Multiple choice: Which is the answer to Hong Kong’s automated tolling system?


While automated tolling is currently not too common in Hong Kong, there are signs that the city is moving towards fully automated toll collection systems. What are the strengths and weaknesses of different technologies with respect to their reliability, installation, costs, privacy protection and flexibility?

The challenges of promoting ‘licit’ subdivided flats


The Government is attempting to relieve the grassroots’ pressure on housing by encouraging NGOs to run ‘licit’ subdivided flats. Without any previous experience, what challenges will the Government encounter while implementing the programme? What steps should it take to tackle these issues?

The challenges of reclaiming vacant land


Converting vacant land into more valuable uses is supposedly less controversial than developing natural land resources, such as country parks and land reclamation. However, it is not easy at all considering the complexity in identifying and planning possible vacated sites. The development of vacant school premises is a case in point.

The need and challenges of putting industrial buildings to better uses


There are fire safety concerns when mixing industrial and non-industrial uses within the same industrial building. To utilise industrial buildings while safeguarding against potential dangers, confining respective uses to different buildings could help.  Although the Government’s industrial building revitalisation policy could separate the two uses, a side-effect is higher rents, which drive out tenants with weaker affordability. While insisting on safety, how can we secure a place for different industrial uses? 

Tightening stamp duty rules: Unlikely to tame property investors


Hong Kong’s property prices keep surging even though the Government has made several amendments to the stamp duty regime in recent years to cool down the market. There are even signs of a new buying spree by investing in non-residential properties and luxurious homes, as well as purchasing multiple small or medium apartments in one go.