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Home sweet home: Making the best use of public housing resources


Soaring property prices have made it harder for Hongkongers to live well. Although it is clear that the Government has been committed to boosting housing supply over the next ten years, providing an immediate solution for those most in need, such as through using public housing resources more effectively, should be implemented in parallel.

Is ‘nano flat’ a necessary evil?


The rising number of micro apartments has been widely slammed for their tiny size. These newly-built small homes, also known as ‘nano flats’, may meet the demand of some people considering the trend of Hong Kong’s socio-demographic changes. However, are the communities around ready to live with these changes?

Restaurants in disguise: Eating up our public spaces


Numerous takeaways at shopping malls in Hong Kong are operating as ‘restaurants’ by setting up seats in open spaces, whereas most people are unaware that the seats are open to the public. How can Hong Kong turn different kinds of hidden open spaces into genuine common resources?

Trick or treat? Be a wise home buyer


The number of complaints relating to first-hand home sales received by the Estate Agents Authority saw a 72% year-on-year increase in 2016. With keen demand for first-hand residential properties, prospective buyers should watch out for real estate agents’ selling tricks.

Cohousing: A promised land or la-la land?


Could ‘cohousing’ – a concept inspired by sharing economy - provide a way out for locals who are struggling to find a living space? Some people are trying it out.

Making the best use of underground spaces


The Government proposed to develop underground spaces in certain urban districts, including Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui, Victoria Park in Causeway Bay and Southorn Playground in Wan Chai. Considering the works beneath the selected areas are on a limited scale, how to make the best use of the spaces in a cost-effective way?

Land planning amid weakening logistics performance


The trading and logistics sector is the largest industry in Hong Kong, yet it is facing a recession. Does this industry need a transformation? How would the overall planning of Hong Kong dovetail with such transformation?

How to smarten up old districts?


The Government’s plan to transform Kowloon East into a ‘Smart City’ covers traditional industrial areas including Kowloon Bay and Kwun Tong. In these areas, old and new buildings stand side by side, pedestrian and vehicles contest crowded and limited space. As such, developing ‘Smart Cities’ in these old districts requires even ‘smarter’ measures to rectify deep-rooted malaise.