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Redevelopment and the continuity in economic activities


Sun King Kee Noodle Shop, which appeared in the music video for the ‘Hong Kong: Our Home’ Campaign theme song, will close down next year under a redevelopment plan of Urban Renewal Authority (URA). It is sad to see old shops being relegated to history, and it reminds us of the conflicts between redevelopment and the conservation of local culture. The Centre’s weekly analysis ponders URA’s redevelopment strategy and suggests the Authority to take into account the continuity of local economic activities besides the conservation of heritage buildings, neighbourhood life and authentic culture.

The dilemma of Kai Tak linkage


Some have voiced their concern about the cost-effectiveness of the proposed monorail system at the second stage public consultation on the Environmentally Friendly Linkage System for Kowloon East and Kai Tak. The Centre’s weekly analysis compares the modern tramway and monorail systems in terms of environmental protection, economic benefit and road capacity, and looks for other alternatives.

How far is Hong Kong from a cycling city?


Neighbouring cities have progressively set up their cycling track networks in recent years with a view to promoting green transportation and bicycle tourism. Making reference to obstacles and experiences on green traffic and tourism development in those cities, the Centre’s weekly analysis examines the feasibility of building a super-cycling track in Hong Kong and its ancillary facilities.

Scaling for homes


Based on the consultation document issued by the Long-Term Housing Strategy Steering Committee in early September, the Centre’s weekly analysis examines the rationale of the supply target and housing demand forecast in public and private sectors set out in the proposal. The article further looks at current housing vacancy rates and projects possible changes in family structure and household demand ahead. It also suggests the Government to give consideration to other factors, including housing size and apportionment of supply and demand, when calculating home supplies, in order to improve the usage rate of land.

Mirroring the demand of a third runway


Debates over a proposed third runway at Hong Kong International Airport have been going on for a while but there are still certain areas requiring further deliberation. The Centre’s weekly analysis looks into the past operating figures of the Hong Kong International Airport with a view to assessing the current runway capacity and its actual demand. New moves by the Singaporean Government, including a fourth runway expansion, have prompted a new wave of Hong Kong-Singapore rivalry among Hong Kong people. Jumping out of the stereotype of comparison, our analysis ponders possible alternatives for Hong Kong, other than new runway construction, in a bid to allow the city to proceed comfortably.

Alternatives other than landfills


The recent landfill disputes have compelled the Legco’s Finance Committee to suspend the debate over funding application for Tuen Mun and Ta Kwu Ling landfill expansions. The Centre’s weekly analysis examines the possibility of turning waste to energy and its business potential by making reference to the waste processing cases in neighbouring regions. In sum, Hong Kong will have to reduce waste at the source and speed up the drafting of regulations on policy such as the waste charging scheme, in order to ease its landfill burden and help Hong Kong resolve the ‘garbage siege’.

Reclaiming land for tomorrow


The Government’s multi-pronged approach to increase land supply, particularly the land reclamation plan, has stimulated widespread discussions. The Bauhinia’s weekly analysis examines the many challenges facing Singapore’s reclamation projects, including environmental conservation, relationship with neighbouring countries and cost control. The analysis also looks into the measures taken by the Singapore Government in solving the issues and increasing land supply. It may serve as a reference for the local Government for mapping out a suitable long-term land policy for Hong Kong.

Home or Farm?


The Government started to gauge public views on building a new town in Yuen Long South in mid-April, triggering discussions about the future development of agriculture in Hong Kong. Similar debates have been generated as the Government earlier launched a study on North East New Territories. Our latest analysis elaborates on the current agricultural policies and the uses of farmland, which sheds some light on the development of agriculture, and discusses whether Hong Kong should promote agricultural development or conserve existing farmland.

A cooling housing market may benefit businesses


The newly introduced Buyer’s Stamp Duty might curb speculative activities, but the influx of hot money has triggered concerns of a breakout elsewhere, such as the commercial property market, which will harm SMEs and eventually the business environment of Hong Kong.

Survey on Youth Housing Demand

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre today released the findings of a survey on the housing demand of youth, which solicited young people\'s views on the property market as well as the role that they expected the government to play.