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Should Hong Kong tighten controls over cannabis-infused products amid rule relaxation abroad?


In recent years, some foreign countries have relaxed the restrictions on cannabis and related products, making the drug become a new darling of many enterprises. Some enterprises have even invested heavily to launch cannabis-infused food and drink. When these products continue to gain worldwide popularity, how should the Hong Kong Government prepare for the hot trend?

Should HPV vaccine be offered to boys?


Starting from this academic year, eligible female primary school students of suitable ages will be provided with human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine under the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme (HKCIP) to prevent cervical cancer. In Britain, free HPV vaccination which is currently offered to girls aged 12 to 13 years will even be extended to cover boys of the same ages since this September. What are the considerations for such a policy change?

Mental health of journalists amid social unrest


In the recent clashes between police and protesters, many professionals such as social workers, ambulancemen and journalists witnessed the scenes of violence while performing their duties. Some might even become the targets of attacks. Mental health of these professionals, like others at the scene, warrants special attention. Comparing with other sectors, the workplace culture and inadequate organisational support of the journalism industry have hindered journalists from facing their psychological trauma, which make the problem particularly complicated.

New brewery challenge: The rise of young non-drinkers


Is the declining alcohol sales attributable to a ‘youth problem’? In recent years, there has been a prevailing global trend of staying away from alcoholic beverage among youth. This trend has caused some renowned brewers to adjust their marketing strategies and launch non-alcoholic beer. It has also prompted investors to open up alcohol-free bars.

Is mandatory reporting the answer to the child abuse problem?


In certain countries, it is a legal requirement for professionals who come into contact with children, such as teachers and doctors, to report child abuse cases that they come across. If Hong Kong introduces mandatory reporting, can it learn from overseas experiences to help identify the cases that truly require attention?

The dispute over classifying plant-based milk as ‘milk’


Plant-based milk starts expanding its presence in the milk beverage market amid the rising popularity of vegetarianism. However, some dairy milk producers complain that it is unfair to allow plant-based beverage to take advantage of the goodwill of milk they earned, while the plant-based milk producers criticise their counterparts for protectionism. Both of them are forcing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to enter judgement on what to call plant-based milk. What are the arguments on both sides? What is the impact of the naming controversy on consumers?

Game of claws: A pressing need to tighten regulations on claw machines?


In recent years, there have been reported cases of claw game addiction in some countries. A Taiwanese pathological player even spent all his money on the game. As the spread of claw game has generated increased interest in Hong Kong, should the Government tighten regulations to avoid the negative impacts on society?

'Smart drugs' warning for parents and students


Some stimulants originally used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are seen as ‘smart drugs’ in recent years. They are taken by people hoping to boost memory or concentration worldwide. In Hong Kong, some parents allegedly asked doctors to prescribe these stimulants for their children to help achieve better academic performance. What will be the impacts to the society when ‘smart drugs’ becomes more popular?

Vegans and non-vegans fight like cats and dogs?


Conflicts between vegans and non-vegans have been intensified in recent years amid the rising popularity of veganism. Some vegans accused non-vegans of discrimination. A vegan in U.K. even took his employer to court for this reason. Meanwhile, some non-vegans retorted vegans for practising moral trials on others by dieting preference. Are vegans and non-vegans meant to fight like cats and dogs?