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Hong Kong tops world’s highest spending in private primary healthcare
Diversified financing to ease healthcare burden


The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre examined the changes in Hong Kong's Primary Healthcare (PHC) expenditure in the past 10 years (financial year 2007/08 to 2016/17) and certain factors contributing to the changes, aiming to summarise the overview of Hong Kong's PHC expenditure which helps pave a data-based foundation to propel the development of PHC with the effective use of financial resources.

Hong Kong's 'Toilet Revolution': Money is not the only key to success


In the 2019-20 Budget, the Government has planned to devote HK$600 million to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department for refurbishing 240 public toilets in the city over the next five years. In order to improve the odor and hygiene problems of public toilets, the department has to put effort into improving design, maintenance and user’s culture.

Gatekeeping in the HealthTech era


Digital health technologies, such as mobile apps that prevent, monitor, diagnose or even treat health problems, are flourishing. However, the challenge facing these technologies is how to assess their effectiveness and safeness, so that we know they are safeguarding our heath rather than putting us at risk. In overseas, certain organisations are trying to figure this out.

Designing an Earth-friendly food guide


In recent years, overseas governments and scientists have respectively designed food guides to promote environmentally-friendly food choices in addition to healthy diets. Will the official food guide in Hong Kong also put greater emphasis on the health of the Earth in the future?

How can technology help ease medical manpower shortage?


The use of technology in medical and care promises a wide range of potential benefits that extend beyond taking on mundane tasks to preserving patients’ dignity, as well as improving doctor-patient relationship. What are the practical concerns of technology applications in healthcare services?   

Reasons for vaccine hesitancy


The latest bout of winter seasonal influenza has brought on an overload of public hospitals, and all kindergartens in Hong Kong had to be closed earlier for the Chinese New Year holidays for the second year in a row. Seasonal influenza vaccination is an effective means to prevent seasonal influenza and its complications, however, the vaccination rates are on the low side in Hong Kong. Why people hesitate to get vaccinated?

Now’s the time for further reform in local primary care


The public healthcare system in Hong Kong has been strained by the huge demand. It is not uncommon for patients to experience long waiting times before getting to see specialists in certain areas. While the Government is trying to alleviate the problems by allocating more resources to primary healthcare, they may also need to embark on a major transformation to specific areas that require attention.

The development of premium healthcare in the Mainland


The quality of healthcare in Mainland cities is a concern for Hongkongers who have headed north to pursue a career. Although premium healthcare covered by corporate health insurance has so far satisfied the needs of high earners in first-tier cities, whether the average person can also benefit from first-rate care services will be a subject that arouses the interest of the younger generation.

How to support colleagues with mental health issues?


Busy Hongkongers adopt different approaches to coping with stress at work. Some talk with families and friends, while others listen to music or exercise. Nevertheless, can they handle colleagues who are in a state of nervous tension, or who display anxiety and depression symptoms?