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The formula for success of BL dramas


Several BL (Boy’s Love) TV dramas which feature male-male romance, such as ‘Ossan’s Love’ and ‘Addicted’, have gone viral in Asia in recent years and have attracted a lot of ‘Fujoshi’, i.e. female audiences who enjoy fictional gay content. Why has BL culture become popular among ‘Fujoshi’? As Hong Kong TV dramas are not as impactful as before, how does the success of BL dramas inspire the industry?

Pros and cons of different monetisation models to sustain creators


Many locals in the creative industries worry about earning a living. However, the rapid development of technology in recent years gives them a hope by providing a variety of content monetisation models, such as subscription, reward and donation. Can it help creators to get rid of a precarious financial position? What are the advantages and limitations of different monetisation models?

How to ensure amateur athletes run safely during the races?


People are increasingly concerned about the risks of long distance running races and the adequacy of emergency services followed by sudden cardiac deaths occurred in local running events. What measures should the organisers implement to ensure the smooth running of the events and the safety of all participants?

Cultural challenges on social media


Some white key opinion leaders have been pretending to be black on social media to gain advantages in recent years. However, they are being accused of ‘blackfishing’ and disrespectful to black cultures. How can internet users strike a balance between freedom of expression and respect for cultural diversity?

Audiobooks provide new opportunities for the publishing industry


Audiobooks not only provide a different experience to reading a book, but also bring about new business and job opportunities. For example, audiobooks are marketed to dog owners and have brought fame and wealth to certain audiobook narrators. For publishers and authors, what do they need to be aware of when entering the audiobook business?

Listening is the new trend of reading


We can now read a book not only with our eyes, but also our ears. Digital audiobooks are getting more and more popular in the United States and mainland China. How are audiobooks different from traditional books? What makes them so widely accepted?

Dafen Oil Painting Village: From reproduction to pursuing originality


Dafen Oil Painting Village in Shenzhen, a tourist attraction that has featured in well-known travel guide Lonely Planet, is renowned for its oil painting reproductions. At the same time, it has been trying to pursue a different course by producing original artworks with Chinese culture characteristics. Dafen's attempts in transformation may be a lesson for all communities that are considering revitalisation and renewal.

Shenzhen’s OCT-LOFT: Evolving from industrial area to art colony


When the renowned travel guide Lonely Planet ranked Shenzhen second on the list of top ten cities to visit in 2019, OCT-LOFT creative culture park was highlighted in the introduction. This area, housing hundreds of design companies, is beyond a tourist attraction. What has been done to transform this former industrial district into a designer hub?

Shenzhen: Reinventing itself as a leading arts hub


Shenzhen has been ranked second on the list of top ten cities to visit in 2019 by the renowned travel guide Lonely Planet. As a former factory of the world and China’s incumbent ‘Silicon Valley’, this city has no sign to slow down the progression of rebranding itself amid the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. To unveil the key to Shenzhen’s success, the Centre has visited several landmarks of the city. The first stop is Design Society in Shekou.

A playground for anyone


Children with disabilities also need playgrounds, but it is important that the playgrounds are not merely accessible, but also inclusive – facilitating children with different abilities to play together. How can this be achieved? What are the possible challenges?