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Is 'content is king' really outdated in the news industry?


Drawing public attention brings advertising opportunities for news media. In the digital era, more people have started getting news from the Internet such as via search engines and social media. Such behavioural change makes marketers allocate less advertising budget to traditional news media. Whilst the industry is struggling, can traditional news media find a way out by shifting focus from serving advertisers to readers?

Setting time limits could be a boon for the gaming industry


In order to prevent children from overindulging in gaming, some choose to take the approach of limiting playing time. However, given the current design of video games, installing time limits may actually increase a player’s spending on game items. Although game operators and the gaming industry can benefit from this, it is imperative that players learn how to exercise moderation.

Is Hong Kong ready to host Gay Games?


Hong Kong is one of the final three shortlisted cities vying to host the 2022 Gay Games. While LGBT tourism and mega events such as Gay Games and Pride Parade can bring in cash for the organising city, not everyone thinks alike. The facilities needed to fulfil its requirements could also be more than other mega events. Is Hong Kong ready to show its hospitality?

How data analysis is transforming the intellectual property industry


Using adaptations, such as book-to-film, book-to-animation or book-to-mobile games, to generate revenue is not a novel idea. However, in Mainland China, online novelists , novel readers, internet giants and big data are paving a new way for intellectual property business.

The ‘Hidden Agenda’ behind running live houses in Hong Kong


The city’s popular live house Hidden Agenda was evicted for violating land lease agreements as the Government has been stepping up a crackdown on the illegal uses of industrial spaces. As a nurturing ground for indie music, live houses based in industrial buildings have yet to deal with rising rents and licensing challenges to stay alive.

Weeds on fire, but not the local cultural and creative industries


‘Weeds on fire’, a local film which received HK$2 million subsidy from the Government, is enjoying wide acclaim from viewers. In contrast, the cultural and creative industries in this city are still far from enjoying success as development has slowed down. How could the industries move forward amid recession fears?

eSports: No entry for female gamers?


Taking part in eSports is like entering the realm of males, with very few female professional gamers and a huge disparity in prize money between male and female gamers. On top of these, female gamers also have to deal with gender-based attacks from their male counterparts. What can we learn from these in the digital economy era?

What new economy do the internet celebrities create?


Social media plays a significant role in turning ordinary people into instant celebrities. How do they capture these opportunities and set the stage for a bright future by becoming key opinion leaders, setting up their own business or even creating new economy to compete with the traditional industries?

I think, therefore I drink


Coffee consumption is more than a middle-class lifestyle. With high-end coffee houses go viral, more youngsters and travelers have been attracted to take a sip. Traditional businesses have also opened cafés to diversify their services. Today, coffee culture has turned into a booming business.