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Should toys be gendered?


Gender stereotyping has been a much discussed topic in recent years. Parental toy selection would inevitably be influenced by such social preconception. Some people advocate gender-neutral toys which can encourage children’s exposure to all kinds of toys. Would it avoid restraining children’s personal development?

Is Dopamine Fasting a way to reset your mind?


Dopamine Fasting is becoming a trend in Silicon Valley. It is claimed that intermittently cutting off all the stimuli can help isolate addictive behaviours caused by dopamine release and improve the ability to focus. Is it really working?

‘Stand right, walk left’ Vs ‘stand still on both sides’ on escalators: Which is the appropriate etiquette?


As Tokyo Olympics approaches, an organisation in Tokyo has launched a campaign to promote ‘stand still on both sides’ when using escalators, which is aimed at changing the habit of standing to one side and keeping the other side open for walking. Apart from users’ safety, what are their arguments? The Transport for London has conducted experiments to test the effectiveness of standing on both sides of escalators. What have they found?

Coronavirus outbreak: Should travel insurance become an entry requirement?


Every tourist wants to have a joyful and safe journey, so many of them are willing to purchase travel insurance in advance. In recent years, some countries have planned to require visitors to buy medical or travel insurance for entry. What are the implications of this measure on Hong Kong amid the ongoing spread of coronavirus?

Creating a period-friendly workplace to break the stigma around menstruation


Many women suffer from menstruation every month. Some of them are even too painful to focus on work. Some countries and regions have established menstrual leave with the aim of taking care of female employees’ physiological needs. Is menstrual leave the only way to create a period-friendly workplace?

High heel revolution: Decoding the dress codes in workplace


Many companies have their dress codes, but how many of the requirements are really justified? A new hashtag ‘#KuToo’ was created in Japan last year asking for a ban on employer-mandated high heels. How should governments respond to such kind of actions?

Challenges facing religion in an aging society


In the wake of the rapidly changing demographic situation worldwide, many religions are facing a religious generation gap. Some religious groups have incorporated scientific and technological elements into their traditional religious culture so as to preach to the younger generation, but the move has aroused controversy.

2019 Youth movement I: Influences of materialist and post-materialist values


In Hong Kong, thousands of protesters have turned up at mass demonstrations this summer to urge the Government to meet their demands. Some young activists ramp up the violence and clashed with the police. Why young people are frustrated with the current situation? How much do the older generations understand them? By looking into previous studies and figures, this analysis explores how materialist and post-materialist values shape our new generation.

Hong Kong needs emergency evacuation strategy for the disabled


Able-bodied people can hardly keep calm in the event of emergency, let alone the disabled with visual, hearing and mobility impairment. Disabled people often face a lot of unique difficulties during evacuation. However, fire preparedness tools like a visual fire alarm, customised fire safety education and evacuation plan would help save their lives.

Three strategies to tackle bullying among the elderly


Bullying among students has always been a matter of public concern, however, bullying may happen among seniors too. In Hong Kong, there have been a number of incidents that elderly home residents attacked their fellow residents in recent years. Why do elders who are supposed to be mature at their age bully their peers? Is there any way to prevent and handle bullying among the elderly?