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Fathers matter: Shared housework and parenting


A research points out that early and ongoing father involvement in child care can increase fathers' child care participation in the long run, which helps achieve equal sharing of child care and housework. Can Hong Kong learn from foreign countries that have introduced measures to promote equal partnership in families?

Benefiting society as a whole: Enhancing social impacts of public markets


Apart from providing household items and fresh produce, what other services and impacts can public markets bring to residents? In Europe, many markets provide needy people with food at affordable price, and promote healthy lifestyles and eating habits for residents, hoping to enhance their well-being.

Scratching beneath the surface: The story behind moderate inflation


Hong Kong’s mild inflation rates in recent years do not equally reflect a modest increase in prices of some products or services. While comparing changes in the Composite Consumer Price Index (Composite CPI) between 1997 and 2017, simulated cases are used to demonstrate the impact of price changes on different people.

Data analysis: Recruiting foster families more effectively


The Social Welfare Department is increasing the number of foster care places from 1,070 to 1,310 in phases. However, it is not easy to identify suitable foster families to match the additional places. What makes recruiting foster parents in Hong Kong so difficult?

Long stay tourism, an alternative to retirement?


Long stay tourism is recently on the rise, enabling pensioners to move to places that offer a low cost of living with comprehensive health care services for retirement. While some developing countries are rolling out the welcome mat for foreign retirees, will it shed any light on Hong Kong’s ageing population?

Post-retirement investment: Smart use of MPF Special Voluntary Contribution


Apart from the upcoming Life Annuity Scheme introduced by the Government, the Special Voluntary Contribution (SVC) under the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) can also be seen as a suitable financial planning option for the elderly, although the additional contributions made might not be entirely for retirement.

Shrinking office space may affect rest breaks at work


Everyone needs a break, especially for those who work from dawn till dusk. There are many ways to relax one’s mind and body, however, most methods are hindered by limited space. Will foreign examples of flexible use of land resources shed light on the situation in Hong Kong?

Special needs trust: Peace of mind for caregivers


Caregivers may fret about the living of their loved ones with special needs once they pass away. What are the options available now? How can the Government’s proposed ‘Special needs trust’ help?