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Packaging design trends in the era of responsible retail


People are more conscious of ‘responsible retail’ nowadays and prefer buying products with less packaging. This trend has prompted some brands to try every means to modify their packaging designs. On the other hand, packaging is one of the most direct ways to attract consumers’ attention. To adapt to the eco-friendly market landscape, how should different brands achieve a balance between simplicity and the marketing power of packaging?

Is ‘seawater greenhouse’ a saviour for agriculture in arid lands?


Millions of people around the world are facing severe food insecurity. Besides, some poor countries with hot and dry climate find it difficult to achieve self-sufficiency by developing agriculture. In recent years, some overseas agriculture technology companies have established ‘seawater greenhouse’, making use of seawater and sunlight to grow fruits or vegetables in arid regions. In Hong Kong, the Government has stepped up its efforts in promoting the modernisation and sustainable development of local agriculture. Is ‘seawater greenhouse’ technology applicable to the city?

Prepare for fire season amid people flocking to the countryside


Entering the fall, citizens are more enthusiastic about countryside activities. Some concern groups worry that more people will flock to the countryside and increase the risk of hill fires when the barbecue sites reopen later. How should the Government prepare to prevent hill fires?

How should Hong Kong address the global sand shortage?


Sand resources seem essentially limitless, but in reality the world is running out of sand. Hong Kong, as a developed city with continuous construction projects, cannot stay out of the crisis. This article will analyse the reasons of sand shortage, the impacts of sand mining and the possible way to solve the crisis.

Raindrop: A new technique to generate electricity?


Hydropower is derived not only from the energy of running water, it can also be converted from kinetic energy generated by waves, tides, and even raindrops. Scientists in Hong Kong have developed a droplet-based electricity generator which can light up 100 small LED light bulbs by a drop of water. Can droplet energy be widely adopted in Hong Kong?

Is water recycling a solution to tackle water scarcity in Hong Kong?


Dongjiang River is Hong Kong’s major source of water. However, the flow of Dongjiang has been gradually decreased because of climate change in recent years, raising concern over the stability of fresh water supply. A feasible approach to solve the problem is to replace part of the fresh water supply by reclaimed water.

‘Save’ renewable energy, save the world


Global warming poses a threat to human well-being. In recent years, some countries have ramped up generating electricity from renewables. However, due to its unstable supply, building a reliable system is vital to support the storage and timely provision of electricity to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Is there a gender gap in practising environmental protection?


Environmental protection is a shared responsibility. However, a survey found that the proportion of women practising environmentally friendly behaviour is generally higher than that of men. Some studies suggest that the difference reflects gender stereotypes in family roles and the threat of gender identity. What is the rationale behind those studies? What is the best strategy to promote environmental protection if such argument is established?