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Should KOLs declare interest for their endorsements?


Online influencers, also known as KOLs, have become a magnet for advertisers in recent years. However, some KOLs promote products through sharing so-called ‘user experience’ with followers, concealing the fact that they got paid or sponsored. Some countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and South Korea have strengthened regulations of influencers’ endorsement. Should Hong Kong follow suit?

Can legislation stop power harassment in workplace?


The Japanese government recently enacted a law obligating companies to prohibit  power harassment by supervisors in workplace. Can this action shed light on how to deal with workplace bullying in Hong Kong?

The path to an animal-friendly city


Cases of cruelty to animals are still found in Hong Kong occasionally even though there are laws to protect animals and concern groups fighting for animal welfare. What kind of measures can be taken to further enhance animal well-being in the city?

How to hold a fair and safe election in the shadow of the coronavirus crisis?


Affected by the coronavirus across the world, elections in more than 50 countries and regions have to be postponed. In Hong Kong, the Legislative Council Election is scheduled in September this year. If the situation cannot be brought under control by then, how should the Government protect the health of electors and staff, as well as ensure the election to be conducted in a fair and orderly manner?

Does our dissatisfaction towards the rule of law stem from a lack of awareness of the rule of law ?


The development of rule of law in one place is closely related to the citizens’ awareness of the rule of law. According to the Centre’s latest 'Survey on public perceptions towards the rule of law in Hong Kong', the satisfaction level with the general situation of the rule of law in Hong Kong has been getting worse. Besides, many people regarded that Hong Kong people lack awareness of the rule of law. How can the Government raise the general public's awareness of the rule of law?

Spend smart. Raise awareness of the rule of law via multiple media channels


About $450 million is reserved in the latest Hong Kong Budget for the Department of Justice to implement the “Vision 2030 for Rule of Law” project. It aims to strengthen our community’s understanding of the concept of the rule of law and its implementation. To make good use of the funding, multiple media channels should be considered to help implement the objective effectively.

The implementation of the rule of law in Hong Kong (III): Assessments based upon safeguarding fundamental rights and the experience of law enforcement


The city has experienced social unrest over the past eight months. The Chief Executive emphasised the administration would spare no effort to curb violence and uphold the rule of law. On the other hand, a lot of protesters criticised the Government having ignored their aspirations, being injustice, thus jeopardising the city’s judiciary system. The various argument exposed their different understandings about the rule of law. The Centre’s latest survey examined respondents’ opinions on the rule of law from the basic right protection and law enforcement aspects.

The implementation of the rule of law in Hong Kong (II) : Politics and government administration aspects


The rule of law is a core value of Hong Kong society. In order to effectively maintain the rule of law, not only the citizens but the government also must respect it. For example, public officials must exercise the powers conferred in good faith and fairly. This article will explore the public perceptions towards the implementation of rule of law in Hong Kong from politics and government administration aspects.

Exploring business opportunities for SMEs by turning public procurement as a strategic tool


In Hong Kong, the economy is under persistent downward pressure. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seem to be the first to suffer the brunt. Apart from introducing several rounds of relief measures, the Government should help SMEs explore new business opportunities. Encouraging SMEs to participate in the public procurement market is a feasible direction.