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Will imposing ‘meat tax’ instigate behavioural change?


Hong Kong has one of the highest levels of meat consumption per capita in the world. Will it still be the case if a tax is levied on meat consumption? What are the reasons behind supporters and opponents of the tax? What are the factors affecting the Government’s decision to impose meat tax?

Pros and cons of mandatory chemical castration for sex offenders


Sex crimes, especially sexual abuse of juveniles, are intolerable offences. In recent years, some countries have introduced ‘chemical castration’ as a form of punishment for sexual offenders, and some Hong Kong people urge the city to follow suit. This article discusses the scientific principles of chemical castration, as well as the developments and controversies of related legislation.

How to shorten the waiting time of driving tests?


In Hong Kong, the waiting time of road tests for driving license has become increasingly long due to the excess demand. Moreover, some driving test centres cannot always schedule road test appointments in office hours because of the acute shortage of driving examiners which would in turn further lengthen the waiting time. What can the Government learn from overseas experiences and improve the situation?

The hidden costs of tax incentives


In recent years, the Government has deviated from its norm in tax practices to provide tax incentives for certain industries. While tax incentives may be able to bring in business opportunities at a seemingly low cost, society needs to be aware of their less-obvious costs and drawbacks.

Making government data available to all


‘Government openness’ was considered relatively less satisfactory among the ten aspects of the rule of law in Hong Kong, according to the latest survey released by the Centre. What should the Government do to enhance data quality assurance in order to maintain the rule of law and bring about effective governance in Hong Kong?

Bauhinia ‘2019-20 Budget’ submission


Bauhinia has submitted a policy paper to the Financial Secretary on the Budget 2019-20.  With a view to overcoming ageing challenges in Hong Kong, the submission paper put forth initiatives to strengthen policies for the elderly and encourage young-old to return to the workforce.

Survey on public perceptions towards the rule of law in Hong Kong


Amid a growing public concern over the rule of law in Hong Kong, the Centre commissioned the CUHK to conduct a survey to gain a better understanding of public opinion on this subject. To assess and analyse public opinion in a rational and evidence-based manner, the survey gauges public views on the rule of law from four perspectives and 10 different aspects of the implementation of the rule of law.