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How to grab the chances created by virtual idols?


The virtual idol culture, originated from Japan, is gaining popularity worldwide. The increasing number of fans has inspired the development of different economic activities. What are the reasons behind the boom? Are there any business opportunities arising for Hong Kong?

How to grab the chances created by cyber cat petting?


Petting is not merely associated with individual preferences, it also involves a wide range of economic activities. Advances in technology have reinvented people’s petting experience with cyber cat petting, which is gaining popularity. What is the economic potential of cyber cat petting? Can Hong Kong capitalise on the business opportunities?

Hong Kong needs emergency evacuation strategy for the disabled


Able-bodied people can hardly keep calm in the event of emergency, let alone the disabled with visual, hearing and mobility impairment. Disabled people often face a lot of unique difficulties during evacuation. However, fire preparedness tools like a visual fire alarm, customised fire safety education and evacuation plan would help save their lives.

Healthcare for All: Why and How?

The study on ‘Healthcare for All: Why and How?’ examines the obstacles and challenges faced in developing Primary Healthcare (PHC) services in Hong Kong, and makes recommendations on how to perfect the district-based PHC service delivery model and enhance related services.

Should Hong Kong tighten controls over cannabis-infused products amid rule relaxation abroad?


In recent years, some foreign countries have relaxed the restrictions on cannabis and related products, making the drug become a new darling of many enterprises. Some enterprises have even invested heavily to launch cannabis-infused food and drink. When these products continue to gain worldwide popularity, how should the Hong Kong Government prepare for the hot trend?

Three strategies to tackle bullying among the elderly


Bullying among students has always been a matter of public concern, however, bullying may happen among seniors too. In Hong Kong, there have been a number of incidents that elderly home residents attacked their fellow residents in recent years. Why do elders who are supposed to be mature at their age bully their peers? Is there any way to prevent and handle bullying among the elderly?

Should HPV vaccine be offered to boys?


Starting from this academic year, eligible female primary school students of suitable ages will be provided with human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine under the Hong Kong Childhood Immunisation Programme (HKCIP) to prevent cervical cancer. In Britain, free HPV vaccination which is currently offered to girls aged 12 to 13 years will even be extended to cover boys of the same ages since this September. What are the considerations for such a policy change?

Subscription fatigue: A hurdle facing the booming subscription economy?


A growing number of businesses has switched to a subscription model, providing products or services to consumers in the form of charging regularly, instead of one-time transactions. However, some subscription model markets like video streaming services have been fragmented, causing consumers to be frustrated by thousands of choices and even suffer from ‘subscription fatigue’. What is ‘subscription fatigue’? Is there any way to combat it?

British porn firewall experiment: A lesson for Hong Kong?


The rapid advancement of internet technologies has sparked worries among parents that their children may access adult content easily, giving them a false idea about sex in real life. The UK Government plans to introduce a mandatory age verification scheme to keep online pornography away from adolescents, yet the scheme has been severely criticised by others. What can Hong Kong learn from overseas experiences?