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How will 'social nomads' change the ecology of social media?


The competition between different social media platforms is fierce nowadays, providing plenty of choices for people to ‘migrate’ from one platform to another. Some users have even gotten used to be active on multiple platforms and become ‘social nomads’. The culture has been reshaping the business model of social media.

Two main considerations for owners to revitalise their industrial buildings


To unleash the potential of industrial buildings, the Government has introduced various measures to attract owners to redevelop or wholesale convert their properties. However, there is no guarantee that owners will buy in. This article will analyse the two major factors that influence owners’ decision.

The evolution of revitalising industrial buildings


Hong Kong has implemented the policy on revitalisation of industrial buildings for more than a decade and has adopted various measures to promote the redevelopment and transformation of industrial buildings. To evaluate the effectiveness of the current measures and examine if there is any room for improvement, we should start studying its historical background and transformation, as well as the current market demand for industrial buildings.

Should civil servant have year-end bonus?


To encourage civil servants to strive for excellence, some overseas governments have introduced performance-linked bonus systems. On the premise that the government has sufficient income, should Hong Kong consider introducing similar scheme?

Debates over the adjustment of stamp duty on stock transaction


As the Government prepares to release the new annual budget, some scholars and legislators suggested raising the stamp duty rate on stock transaction to increase government revenue. The suggestion, however, has drawn polarised reactions. What are the potential impacts of adjusting the tax rate?

How to adjust the measurement error of CPI caused by the pandemic?


People’s spending pattern has significantly changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A working paper released earlier by the International Monetary Fund pointed out that the rapid changes made the expenditure weights of the consumer price index (CPI) suddenly obsolete, affecting its accuracy and leading to an underestimation of inflation. This analysis will discuss how to improve the inaccuracy of CPI.

Blockchain essentials for all businesses


From Bitcoin to digital currency, blockchain-inspired innovation is gradually changing the world. In addition to financial services, blockchain technology has been widely used in commercial activities , such as using it to combat counterfeit goods, provide product information, and even eliminate online advertising fraud. Hong Kong business community should pay attention to the development of the technology to enhance its digital competitiveness.

Can Cash Allowance Trial Scheme relieve the burden of low-income households?


With the aim of alleviating living pressure faced by low-income households due to the long waiting list for public housing, the Government is going to launch a trial scheme to provide cash allowance to eligible households and subsidise NGOs to rent hotels and guesthouse units to provide transitional housing. Can these measures improve the housing affordability of grassroots families?

Why is U.S. IPO market fascinated by SPACs?


The Hong Kong stock market has long been a hot spot for global initial public offerings (IPO), but the U.S. IPO market stole the limelight by Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) last year. SPAC IPOs had raised more than US$ 80 billion in gross proceeds in 2020. How does SPAC work? What investment potential and risks does it have?