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Bauhinia ‘2020 Policy Address’ submission


Bauhinia has submitted policy recommendations on ‘2020 Policy Address', urging the Government to improve people’s livelihood and resume economic activities as soon as practicable. While proactively reaching a consensus on the sustainable development of Hong Kong, the Government should strive to rekindle hope among Hong Kong people through people-oriented policies.

The new normal in retail industry


The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped consumer behaviours. Some retail experts believe that such new shopping habits will persist well beyond the pandemic and define a ‘new normal’ for the industry. How should the struggling retail stores prepare themselves to ride out the pandemic storm?

How to support grieving parents after the loss of pregnancy?


Although government policies that help parents suffering from miscarriage arrange proper burials for abortuses are available, some people call on the society to pay more attention to the needs of these bereaved parents. What are the shortcomings of the existing policies? How can the society and the Government help?

Work from anywhere: The rise of digital nomads in post-pandemic future


Many enterprises have arranged for employees to work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, proving that certain duties do not have to be performed in the offices. It is believed that the idea of ‘work from anywhere’ will become more popular, even spawning a group of digital nomads who work remotely while travelling around the world in future. This article explores the impact of new remote work model on the labour market.

Is Hong Kong ready to become a leading hub for family offices?


While the number of Asian billionaires setting up family offices to transfer their family wealth to the next generation is rising, Financial Services Development Council has published a study report recently to promote Hong Kong as an international hub for family offices. This article will analyse the advantages and challenges of developing family office business in Hong Kong.

What travel will look like when Hong Kong eases travel restrictions?


The local tourism industry has been in the doldrums as a result of coronavirus pandemic. Yet, the sector should not sit there waiting for the storm to pass. With reference to the situation in Mainland China and overseas where have eased travel restrictions gradually as well as the forecasts by foreign travel veterans, this article introduces four tourism trends that may appear when Hong Kong eases restrictions on travel, in a bid to help the industry prepare ahead.

Trans female in sports: Do they have an unfair advantage?


Amid growing concerns over the transgender equality, international sports organisations have been reviewing the gender identification policies. Some countries have gradually allowed transgender athletes to participate in school competitions based on their ‘gender identity’. However, critics complain that it is unfair to allow trans female athletes competing in female sports with male physical advantages. What can the local sports community learn from the controversy?

Cancel culture: Speak up or shut up


Have you ever thought of falling into the ‘cancel culture’ trap if your views shared on social media platforms do not conform to the majority opinion? Some overseas authors have signed an open letter lately, warning that ‘cancel culture’ has threatened freedom of speech. How can internet users strike a balance between freedom of expression and the responsibility for their speech?

Dubious wellness claims on video streaming platforms


Some overseas video streaming platforms have produced wellness show introducing various therapies which are alleged to be effective for healing body and mind. However, some video contents were criticised for lacking scientific evidence and misleading audience to make profits. How is the handling of the problem different from regulating traditional TV programmes?