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Can legislation stop power harassment in workplace?


The Japanese government recently enacted a law obligating companies to prohibit  power harassment by supervisors in workplace. Can this action shed light on how to deal with workplace bullying in Hong Kong?

Fueling the future: How to unlock the potential of hydrogen energy?


Many countries and car manufacturers have actively promoted the development of hydrogen cars over the past few years. In the meantime, some energy giants have targeted the business opportunities of hydrogen energy and built infrastructures for hydrogen production. What are the advantages of hydrogen energy? Is it possible to replace fossil fuels in the long run?

Business opportunities arising from the ‘healing power’ of ASMR


On YouTube, there are a large number of videos that trigger the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) and attract hundreds of thousands of fans. They are lured into the hearsay of the healing power of ASMR to improve their mood. The power has even fuelled the emergence of diverse businesses and spawned a new career called ‘ASMRtist’.

Will collecting employees’ health data become a trend in workplace?


Many employers have started collecting and tracking employees’ health information to help them improve their health in recent years. At the same time, some job applicants include health data in their resumes to show their personal strengths. However, there are certain noteworthy issues.

To wear or not to wear? It’s women’s choice


Inspired by feminism, there is an increasing trend of ‘bralessness’ among many women. Even for those who wear bras, they hold a new attitude in making choices. This phenomenon has changed public perception of women and brought challenges to the business of the underwear industry.

#HealthyAtHome: Avoid trans fats in your diet


In Hong Kong, a lot of people rush to supermarkets and stock up foods in response to the third wave of coronavirus infections. Of all prepackaged foods, instant noodles and potato chips that may contain artificial trans fats are among their favourite choices. To lower the risk of coronary heart disease associated with excessive intake of trans fats, some countries have tightened trans fat regulations. Should these regulations be applied to Hong Kong?

Artificial Intelligence researches need responsible publication norms?


Artificial intelligence (AI) technology brings convenience to human life, but it is also used for evil purpose. Some AI research organisations have advocated measures to release AI researches and technologies ‘responsibly’ recently. It includes staged release of research outcomes, which helps monitor the misuse and evaluate potential malicious uses of the technologies. However, some industry practitioners criticised that staged release goes against the open source culture. How should the industry publish AI researches ‘responsibly’?

Lessons from #BlackLivesMatter: A CEO Prepares


The death of George Floyd due to police brutality has sparked management of many large corporations in the United States (U.S.) to speak out against racial discrimination and even donate money to pro-black organisations in their own names. Society nowadays expects business leaders to take stands on political and social issues which are unrelated to their companies’ businesses. How should the leaders respond to this expectation?

Can Hong Kong comic industry benefit from Korean webtoon’s global development?


There are still many cartoonists devoting their energies to comic creation in Hong Kong. However, some believed that the glorious time of local comic industry is over. On the contrary, online comics in South Korea (also known as webtoon) is gaining popularity in Asia and around the world in recent years. What are the reasons behind the boom? Can South Korea’s webtoon platforms be a springboard for Hong Kong’s comic industry to go international?