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Is ride-hailing likely to revive the use of red minibus services?


As internet-based ride-hailing business has been increasingly well-developed, some countries make it a commodity service to replace the insufficient patronised bus routes. Their experience may give insights into the future of red minibus service in Hong Kong.

Learning from Barcelona and Amsterdam: How do smart tourism destinations emerge


Hong Kong has been positioned to pursue smart tourism development over the years. However, the performances in aspects such as hardware provision, technology applications and cross-sectoral collaboration are not satisfactory. How can Hong Kong make reference to the successful experience of other tourism cities and formulate improvement strategies?

The non-negligible risk of living alone


The pandemic has precipitated the hidden economic, physical and mental health crisis among grassroots who live alone. What’s more, the recent wave of mass migrations seemed to have led to the creation of a large number of singleton elders lacking support from their immediate family. The society should take prompt action to prevent the problem of social isolation from deteriorating.

An independent statutory body: The steer to primary healthcare services


Primary healthcare (PHC) services have been playing an active role in preventive care and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the community. However, the use of PHC resources has not been satisfactory. The Government should establish an independent statutory body to steward the service development and regulation.

Right to Repair: Considerations other than environmental protection


When electrical devices are damaged, many users prefer buying new ones instead of returning the faulty devices to the manufacturers for repair, resulting a large number of e-waste. In recent years, many European countries and American states have passed legislation to encourage the public to repair their own devices instead of replacing them. While this idea of protecting the environment is appreciated, there are some hidden worries.

What a new Culture and Tourism Bureau Hong Kong desperately needs?


The pandemic has driven tourists to change their travel habits. In the long run, a Culture and Tourism Bureau considered from a revamped government structure perspective needs to be established. Besides, there are a lot of tasks the current Government may undertake in the remaining term

Can pop idols save the TV industry?


Competition from new media such as streaming TV has expedited the transformation of the traditional TV industry through creating synergy between TV and online platforms to enhance business development. One of the strategies is to popularise their own pop idols via these two platforms in a bid to raise revenue and its profile. However, in the face of keen global competition, this business model may not help save the industry in the long run.

2021 Policy Address Submission


In the 2021 Policy Address Submission, the Centre has incorporated the recommendations of its research into concrete and practical policy proposals on issues such as resuming the business environment and Hong Kong's tourism industry, promoting primary health care service, improving planning and land policies, and expanding the talent pool.

The dynamic pricing in stage performances under social distancing measures


As the epidemic has subsided, live concerts, drama and other stage performances can finally be resumed. However, the Government has imposed a cap on the number of audiences allowed in performance venues, resulting in a reduction in the supply of tickets. The imbalance between supply and demand makes it difficult for performers to recoup the costs and the ticket scalping is even more rampant. There are some ways which may help organisers overcome the ticket sales challenges.