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Alternatives to the grading method for energy efficiency labels


Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme in Hong Kong classifies the energy performance of a product type into five grades. The advantage of this grading method is simple and easy to understand, but it is not user-friendly to a certain extent. This analysis discusses the limitations of current grading method and introduces alternatives which may help consumers make informed choices.

The potential of extending the coverage of Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme


By referring to the information shown on energy labels on energy-consuming products, consumers are able to choose products with higher energy-efficiency. The Government has recently launched a three-month public consultation on the proposal on the newly covered products in the mandatory labelling scheme. This article will discuss the possibility of expanding the coverage of the scheme.

Can vaccines return life to normal soon?


While some people hope that vaccines applied more widely help end the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines approved for use have not been aligned among countries to-date, indicating that an extensive coverage of vaccination will not guarantee everyone a ‘passport’ to travel around the world. Will life return to normal soon beyond our expectation?


Can Government’s proposal help reconnect the industry chain for recycling plastic bottles?


Whilst some local recycling plants could not collect enough waste plastics, about 1.55 billion plastic beverage bottles were dumped into landfills in 2019, reflecting a disruption of the recycling chain. The Environment Protection Department has recently proposed implementing a producer responsibility scheme and offering rebate to encourage the public to return plastic beverage containers. Can these suggestions help reconnect the recycling chain?

How to enhance financial literacy in a rapidly changing investment world?


The increasing popularity of trading digital assets has not only provided investment opportunities to ordinary people, but also means that more people are exposed to the related investment risks. As new investment products continue emerging, how should the society protect small investors?

How will audio chat change the future of social networking?


A social networking application based on audio chat has gained popularity around the world recently, which leads to other social media introducing similar features. Unlike YouTube and Instagram, social audio platforms allow listeners to do other things without staring at the screen. What opportunities would social audio bring?

A lesson from Taiwan's consumer voucher scheme


To boost local consumption, the Government is planning to issue electronic consumption vouchers worth $5,000 to each eligible Hong Kong resident aged 18 or above. Taiwan government distributed consumption vouchers to their residents in the wake of the 2008 financial tsunami in order to revitalise the economy. Yet, after studying the economic data over that time, two Taiwan scholars revealed that the economic benefits of the scheme did not live up to expectations. What can the Government learn from Taiwan’s experience?

Do property rates in Hong Kong conform to the ‘ability-to-pay’ principle?


Based on the existing calculation formula, the property rates per square meter of a small unit in some housing estates are higher than that of a large unit. The latest budget unveils that the Government will consider introducing a progressive element to the rating system. How should the system be modified to manifest the ‘ability-to-pay’ principle?

Resources should be in place to promote digital economy


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of local enterprises and the use of digital technologies by the public. Yet, the development of digital economy is not only related to applications. Hong Kong was recently rated as one of the world’s ‘super stand out’ digital economies and ranked the third globally in the digital intelligence index released by the Fletcher School at Tufts University. By reviewing some of the indicators in the index, this article will discuss the advantages and hidden risks of developing digital economy in Hong Kong.