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Productivity of the building and construction industry


HKU's Prof. Richard Wong, in his recent newspaper column, analysed the current employment situation of the building and construction industry and suggested importing construction workers to support Hong Kong's development needs. However, according to Government figures, the unemployment and underemployment rates of the industry were higher than the city's average. Is the industry really facing a shortage of labour or just a mismatch of human resources?

Food safety matters


The recent powdered formula incident and the pig carcasses found in Shanghai’s Huangpu River have led to widespread discussion about food safety. Pig breeders from Jiaxing, one of the major suppliers of live pigs to Hong Kong, were found to have fed their pigs with excessive antibiotics and slops with heavy metals. As the Mainland is our most important food source, food safety of the region deserves our attention.

Planning for an ageing population


The Financial Secretary reminded us not to overlook the challenges posed by an ageing population in his recent Budget speech. When the baby boomers are starting to hit retirement age and putting pressure on public expenditures, it is time for Hong Kong to craft a budget plan that is able to cater for an ageing population.

The challenges of a shrinking workforce


Hong Kong’s population structure has been shaped by decreased fertility and long life expectancy, imposing challenges to the Hong Kong’s long-term competitiveness. Equal attention should be paid to the problems caused by an ageing population and a shrinking workforce. When mapping out a comprehensive population policy, Hong Kong should make reference to overseas experience.

Hawking activities in a formal economy


Hawking activities can play a role in the economy especially during economic downturn as they serve to alleviate poverty when employment opportunities are limited. If the socioeconomic functions of hawkers are being recognised, the Government should consider ways to enable hawkers to participate in the formal economy by making reference to overseas examples.

Nurturing a sports culture


The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre attaches great importance to the development of primary care services. We believe regular engagement in sports can help avoid diseases which are commonly found in modern cities, and enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness in the long run. To nurture a sports culture, the Government is urged to adopt a multi-pronged approach and make sports an integral part of our lives.

Reviewing Hong Kong's tourism capacity


Big crowds of tourists over the Lunar New Year have triggered discussions about the tourism capacity of Hong Kong – whether Hong Kong should cap the number of tourist arrivals in order to ease the strain on infrastructure and tourist facilities; or estimate its carrying capacity by taking into consideration the impact on people’s daily life, local culture and the development of different industries.

The 2013/14 Budget


The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre welcomes the 2013/2014 Budget which offers a basket of relief measures to release the burden of the grassroots as well as the middle class. It has also crafted medium and long-term policy to promote economic development and optimise human capital for sustaining the city's competitiveness.

Primary care services in the PRD


With intensified Hong Kong-Mainland integration, working, travelling or retiring in the Mainland has become more popular, generating greater demand on the healthcare services in the region. Moving forward, more can be done to facilitate the cooperation between the two places, especially in the area of healthcare services where Hong Kong has a competitive edge.