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The Bauhinia welcomes CE's Policy Address


The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre welcomes the Chief Executive’s Policy Address to map out a five-year plan for Hong Kong’s economy and other livelihood issues such as housing and poverty-alleviation. However, the policy’s effectiveness in helping solve Hong Kong’s problems remains to be seen. The Government is urged to roll out measures to address public demand as soon as ready.

A cooling housing market may benefit businesses


The newly introduced Buyer’s Stamp Duty might curb speculative activities, but the influx of hot money has triggered concerns of a breakout elsewhere, such as the commercial property market, which will harm SMEs and eventually the business environment of Hong Kong.

A sustainable elderly policy


Facing an ageing population, Hong Kong requires a sustainable elderly policy to address the demand of the old people, especially those living below the poverty line, which might be set at 50% of the city\\\'s median income.

Lack of international school places or just a mismatch?


Obviously, there is a mismatch between the demand and supply of international schools, which may jeopardise Hong Kong’s attractiveness to overseas talents. The Government should consider reviewing the district quotas of international primary schools and the ratio between local and non-local students.

Addressing young people’s diverse housing demand


Do young people expect the Government to provide more assistance in home buying? Do they prefer private housing over subsidised ones? What are the reasons behind home purchasing? These are among the many questions that the Government should look into before she could map out a long-term housing strategy to address the diverse housing needs of young people.

Hong Kong Consumer Confidence Survey (Second Quarter Report 2012)


The second quarter consumer confidence survey 2012 released by the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre (BFRC) today reflected a deterioration of consumers’ confidence and expectations in the prospects of local economy, as compared to the previous survey.

Multi-pronged approach to assist home buying urged


Young people seem to have stronger preference for private homes over subsidised housing. Moving forward, our housing policy needs to address the residential mobility of the youth by offering more assistance to help them achieve their home buying goal.

Survey on Youth Housing Demand

The Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre today released the findings of a survey on the housing demand of youth, which solicited young people\'s views on the property market as well as the role that they expected the government to play.