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Creating a period-friendly workplace to break the stigma around menstruation


Many women suffer from menstruation every month. Some of them are even too painful to focus on work. Some countries and regions have established menstrual leave with the aim of taking care of female employees’ physiological needs. Is menstrual leave the only way to create a period-friendly workplace?

A new partnership of PHC model for doctors and nurses to strive for success


The Government has planned to set up health centres in all 18 districts to promote the primary healthcare (PHC) services. In the coming future, the roles of family doctors and nurses are going to change. How can citizens benefit from the optimised PHC model with a new partnership of doctors and nurses?

How should e-scooters be regulated in Hong Kong?


Electric mobility devices have been gaining popularity globally in recent years due to their low carbon emission and convenience. Some people expect this emerging technology can help reduce traffic, but accidents related to these devices also happen from time to time. How can Hong Kong strike a balance between development and safety?

Bauhinia ‘2020-21 Budget’ submission


Bauhinia has submitted a policy paper to the Financial Secretary on the Budget 2020-21. With the aim of tackling current challenges and promoting long-term development, the submission paper focuses on four initiatives – support enterprises, create jobs, relieve people’s hardship and advocate health care to provide recommendations.

Land Sharing Pilot Scheme: Three points need to pay attention to


The Government has proposed the ‘Land Sharing Pilot Scheme’ (LSPS) to unlock the potential of large-scale private agricultural land in the New Territories. Yet, there are a few salient points to consider in response to the society’s needs and aspirations.

High heel revolution: Decoding the dress codes in workplace


Many companies have their dress codes, but how many of the requirements are really justified? A new hashtag ‘#KuToo’ was created in Japan last year asking for a ban on employer-mandated high heels. How should governments respond to such kind of actions?

Introducing ‘time bank’ to set primary healthcare services on ground


To promote public health through primary healthcare services, it is essential to establish a comprehensive service network. It not only requires a close cooperation between the Government, medical professionals and non-governmental organisations, but also the intangible power of community. A ‘time bank’ can be set up by engaging people in the neighborhood to build a supportive network.

Can drug tests catch gene-edited athletes?


The use of banned drugs by athletes is rife in sports. Although international sports organisations have been actively contributing to the fight against doping, the development of biotechnology has theoretically made it possible for athletes to enhance performance by applying gene-editing technology. Can the current screening mechanism cope with this kind of hidden cheating?