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Blockchain essentials for all businesses


From Bitcoin to digital currency, blockchain-inspired innovation is gradually changing the world. In addition to financial services, blockchain technology has been widely used in commercial activities , such as using it to combat counterfeit goods, provide product information, and even eliminate online advertising fraud. Hong Kong business community should pay attention to the development of the technology to enhance its digital competitiveness.

Can Cash Allowance Trial Scheme relieve the burden of low-income households?


With the aim of alleviating living pressure faced by low-income households due to the long waiting list for public housing, the Government is going to launch a trial scheme to provide cash allowance to eligible households and subsidise NGOs to rent hotels and guesthouse units to provide transitional housing. Can these measures improve the housing affordability of grassroots families?

Why is U.S. IPO market fascinated by SPACs?


The Hong Kong stock market has long been a hot spot for global initial public offerings (IPO), but the U.S. IPO market stole the limelight by Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) last year. SPAC IPOs had raised more than US$ 80 billion in gross proceeds in 2020. How does SPAC work? What investment potential and risks does it have?

Can an independent statutory body help handle complaints against teachers?


The cancellation of two teachers’ registration by the Education Bureau has aroused public concern over the mechanism handling complaints against teachers. While some educators suggest adding mid-level penalties to ensure the punishments are commensurate with the gravity of the misconduct, some believe that the regulations on teachers should be implemented by an independent statutory body instead of administrative departments. How the society choose between various options?

How to help unemployed married women return to the workforce?


As COVID-19 continues to ravage the economy, married women, a population group that always faces more challenges in securing jobs, are particularly difficult to re-enter the job market after unemployment. How can the society help them rejoin the labour force?

Establishing STEM-focused high schools to groom IT talent


STEM education in Hong Kong is mainly implemented by integrating contents of science, technology, engineering and mathematics into the regular curriculum. In fact, setting up schools specialising in cultivating innovation and technology talent is also worthy of consideration.

Business opportunities in the emerging cloud gaming


When Hong Kong gamers are caught up in a game console buying frenzy, a growing trend in cloud gaming has arrived. It is a technology that allows users to stream and play video games directly from the cloud instead of a specific hardware or gaming device. Some analysts believe that cloud gaming will revolutionise the video game business. What opportunities can cloud gaming bring to the gaming industry in Hong Kong?

Leveraging industry efforts to promote STEM education


After years of advocacy efforts by the Government, some primary and secondary schools have made considerable achievements in promoting STEM education. However, some people believe that there is still room for improvement. What are the challenges facing STEM education in Hong Kong? How should the authorities respond?

The potential of AR filters in marketing during the pandemic


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, brands are almost impossible to launch physical marketing campaigns, and hence facing big challenges to reach out and interact with consumers. Thanks to interesting visual effects and interactive experiences, augmented reality (AR) filters on social media platforms has been welcomed by users. It therefore has become a popular online marketing tool for global companies. What can AR filters help in marketing?

Enhancing street cleansing services by reforming tendering practice


A report from the Office of The Ombudsman criticised the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department for its ineffective supervision of outsourced street cleansing services and pointed out the shortcomings of tendering and regulatory mechanisms. To correct the flaw of the outsourcing system, the Government should introduce more competitions for public services by making reference to the experience of the United Kingdom and South Korea and setting a clear target in procurement budget for purchasing goods and services from SMEs.