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‘Save’ renewable energy, save the world


Global warming poses a threat to human well-being. In recent years, some countries have ramped up generating electricity from renewables. However, due to its unstable supply, building a reliable system is vital to support the storage and timely provision of electricity to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Grey divorce: Challenges to overcome after a late-life split


Marriage is a formal union between two individuals. Most newly-married couples aspire to a lifelong marriage. However, the number of elderly couples who decide to end their marriage has been increasing in recent years. Unlike the separations of younger generations, there are unique challenges facing people of grey divorce, such as the change in financial status and psychological state. How can divorced elders deal with those issues?

Two ways to fast-track land production (I): Resolving conflicting views of land rezoning in local community


Expediting the land production process to increase housing supply is a priority task of the Government. One of the options is to rezone agricultural lands or brownfield sites for residential use. However, conflicting views of local stakeholders over the land use can result in a lengthy process. Some changes can be made by the Town Planning Board to resolve public disputes over land planning at an earlier stage.

Does our dissatisfaction towards the rule of law stem from a lack of awareness of the rule of law ?


The development of rule of law in one place is closely related to the citizens’ awareness of the rule of law. According to the Centre’s latest 'Survey on public perceptions towards the rule of law in Hong Kong', the satisfaction level with the general situation of the rule of law in Hong Kong has been getting worse. Besides, many people regarded that Hong Kong people lack awareness of the rule of law. How can the Government raise the general public's awareness of the rule of law?

Should toys be gendered?


Gender stereotyping has been a much discussed topic in recent years. Parental toy selection would inevitably be influenced by such social preconception. Some people advocate gender-neutral toys which can encourage children’s exposure to all kinds of toys. Would it avoid restraining children’s personal development?

The ferry industry has been shrinking. Can electrification be a way out?


The use of ferries across Victoria Harbour has been marginalised by the City’s well-developed land-based transport system. With a view to reducing emissions, the latest Budget suggests earmarking $350 million to launch a pilot scheme on electric ferries serving inner harbour routes of the Victoria Harbour in 2022 - 2023 at the earliest.  Can this bring new development opportunities to the ferry industry?

The legal disputes triggered by business activities in the outer space


There is an increasing number of private companies expanding their business activities from Earth into space, such as space travel, manufacturing rockets and spaceships and establishing satellite internet networks. However, as no country can appropriate and claim sovereignty over the outer space, how should the international space law be designed to maintain order and protect people’s right in space?

Lessons from coronavirus outbreak: Challenges of working from home


The coronavirus outbreak has been declared a global pandemic. Governments around the world have to be well prepared for a tough battle ahead. A large number of employees have already been advised to work from home. What are the challenges they are facing? How could they adapt to this operating model?

Is there a gender gap in practising environmental protection?


Environmental protection is a shared responsibility. However, a survey found that the proportion of women practising environmentally friendly behaviour is generally higher than that of men. Some studies suggest that the difference reflects gender stereotypes in family roles and the threat of gender identity. What is the rationale behind those studies? What is the best strategy to promote environmental protection if such argument is established?