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How to protect outdoor workers from extremely hot weather?


Over the past two decades, Hong Kong has experienced extreme heat more frequently, which in turn exposed outdoor workers to an increasing risk of heat exhaustion. Can the existing labour regulations fully protect the rights of these workers?

Can Hong Kong take inspiration from #BlackLivesMatter in promoting racial harmony?


George Floyd, an African American, died after a police officer pressed a knee to his neck during an arrest. The tragic death has sparked a wave of demonstrations against racism and police brutality in some countries. A series of incidents shows that prolonged social unrests may occur if racial conflicts are not effectively resolved. Hong Kong is a home for hundreds of thousands of ethnic minorities. However, some of them are being discriminated because of their race. What should we do to create an inclusive environment?

Enhancing cross-sector collaboration in the battle against COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has once again placed the spotlight on the risk of our over-reliance on the city’s public healthcare services. Although part of the services can be shared by the private sector and primary healthcare service providers, some obstacles have to be removed in advance.

Envisioning the future of urban planning in a post-pandemic era


Looking back on the history, many cities changed their appearance by urban planning after plague to prevent the return of epidemics. One example was the expansion of Hong Kong’s official urban planning standards to incorporate guidelines on air ventilation for the purpose of improving wind penetration through the city fabric after the SARS outbreak in 2003. As a post-coronavirus prediction, three possible transformations in urban planning may take place.

The new normal amid coronavirus pandemic: Challenges of telemedicine


The delivery of healthcare services has to adapt to a ‘new normal’ under the continuing coronavirus pandemic, such as making use of telemedicine to reduce the flow of people in hospitals, thereby balancing the infection risk and demand for maintaining essential health service. In fact, some public hospitals, private hospitals and telemedicine platforms have already launched video medical consultation services. Examining their experiences, what are the challenges facing telemedicine in Hong Kong?

How does identity affect your decisions?


‘Self-identity’ is one of the elements that influences people's choices. That being the case, we can thoroughly analyse group behaviours by studying people’s ‘self-identity’. The ‘yellow economic circle’, which has aroused considerable public concern over the past few months, is also a consumer behaviour driven by ‘self-identity’. How far does such behaviour affect the society?

Rethinking primary healthcare development in the wake of COVID-19


To focus resources on fighting the coronavirus, the Hospital Authority has suspended non-emergency services since January this year, resulting in a backlog of more than 1,000 cases. To alleviate the pressure on the public healthcare system, the society should draw on overseas experiences to unleash the potential of primary healthcare services.

How should Hong Kong address the global sand shortage?


Sand resources seem essentially limitless, but in reality the world is running out of sand. Hong Kong, as a developed city with continuous construction projects, cannot stay out of the crisis. This article will analyse the reasons of sand shortage, the impacts of sand mining and the possible way to solve the crisis.

How would ‘travel bubble’ shape the post-lockdown tourism?


The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the global tourism into a super-cold winter. However, some countries and regions with the slowing spread of coronavirus are mulling to create ‘travel bubbles’ and lift travel restrictions within the ‘bubbles’, so as to restart the economy. How can Hong Kong be inspired by this idea when the Government is in discussions with the Mainland about relaxing cross-boundary quarantine measures?

Is urban cycling feasible in Hong Kong?


Some cities encourage people to use bicycle as an alternative to public transport after the coronavirus outbreak. Although there are many cyclists in Hong Kong, their right to use the road remains controversial among the public. Can cycling become a means of transportation in Hong Kong?