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Virtual Marathon: A new way of running competition


In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, many international running events have introduced virtual running to replace traditional events this year. As the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon has been repeatedly postponed, should the organiser consider a virtual run that may drive related business opportunities?

The show must go on: Un-tact live shows amid coronavirus pandemic


The fourth wave of coronavirus outbreak has forced local performing industry to halt production again. Lots of live performances need to be postponed or cancelled. The pandemic has given rise to zero face-to-face performances, dubbed ‘un-tact’ live shows, in other places. This type of show does not simply shift to live broadcast online. It focuses more on creating visual effects and interactions that cannot be experienced on the spot. What can local performing industry learn from 'un-tact' shows?

How a unique unboxing experience upgrade your brand image?


Christmas is just around the corner. Many people would purchase presents online for themselves and their friends. In fact, some online shoppers have never tried out and touched the products throughout the shopping process. Their first impression towards the products may probably come from their experience of opening the packages. Noting this trend, some brands have racked their brains to create a unique unboxing experience in recent years. What can local packaging designers and marketing practitioners learn from the trend?

Vocational education is not inferior (II): Change the public’s negative perception beginning with applied learning courses reforms


The Government suggests launching a pilot project on applied degrees in its latest Policy Address to promote the development of vocational and professional education and training (VPET). However, there has all along been prejudice against VPET being a second choice, the Centre recommends four measures to change the public’s negative impression of VPET by reforming applied learning courses in secondary education.

Extra incentives to boost service volume of District Health Centre


Having been in operation for more than one year, Kwai Tsing District Health Centre (DHC) has not lived up to expectations, with the number of members and service volume falling short of targets. Although the epidemic continues, government officials should explore ways to attract more people to use the DHC's services.

Should employees transfer MPF assets to the first fund with a dividend feature?


The market fluctuation this year may cause employees to worry about their Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) account balance. An MPF approved trustee has recently launched the first fund with a regular dividend distribution feature. What factors should employees consider when determining whether this option should be included in their MPF investment portfolio? What measures should the Government take to strengthen retirement protection to alleviate poverty among the elderly?

Vocational education is not inferior (I): The need of extra promotion in secondary level


Every trade has its master. Students nowadays have various opportunities to receive Vocational and professional education and training (VPET) starting from secondary level, which plays a pivotal role in broadening employment prospects for young people by enabling them to acquire work skills for the future. However, a survey revealed that students had little knowledge about VPET, with some even had misunderstanding. What are the problems in the promotion of VPET at the secondary level?

Paying real money for virtual clothes. Is it the future fashion?


With the rise of virtual consumption, the fashion industry has introduced digital clothing and sparked a shopping craze in recent years. How does virtual fashion increase consumers’ appetite? What opportunities can it bring to the fashion industry in Hong Kong?

Enhance corporate governance by improving the quality of independent directors


One of the main responsibilities of independent directors of listed companies is to ensure that decisions of the Board of Directors are made in the best interest of all shareholders. However, the existing independent director system has been criticised as being a 'flower vase'. This article analyses opinions of industry practitioners to shed light on the improvement of the system.

Packaging design trends in the era of responsible retail


People are more conscious of ‘responsible retail’ nowadays and prefer buying products with less packaging. This trend has prompted some brands to try every means to modify their packaging designs. On the other hand, packaging is one of the most direct ways to attract consumers’ attention. To adapt to the eco-friendly market landscape, how should different brands achieve a balance between simplicity and the marketing power of packaging?