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Overseas experience in regulating light nuisance


The spectacular nightscape is one of the major sources for the light nuisance of Hong Kong. In a bid to encourage self-regulation, the Government has launched the ‘Charter on External Lighting’, which however has achieved limited success. Can Hong Kong find a way out by making reference to overseas experience on regulation, installation standard and exemption?

Primary health care services in Hong Kong are slightly out of reach


Quality primary healthcare (PHC) services should be accessible so that patients can get the appropriate care when they need. The Centre examines the accessibility of local PHC services in terms of affordability of costs, timeliness of services and approachability of locations.

The flygskam movement: Less flight to fight against climate change


In order to reduce the impact of carbon emissions on climate change, an anti-flying movement started in Sweden has encouraged people switching from planes to other low-carbon vehicles when travelling overseas. How do the aviation industry and tourism-oriented countries deal with challenges arising from the movement? Is it possible for tourists to put low-carbon travel into practice?

Three perspectives for evaluating manpower in primary healthcare system


Hong Kong’s healthcare system has overemphasised the treatment of diseases until the Government proactively develops primary healthcare (PHC) services to shift the focus to health promotion and disease prevention. To achieve this paradigm shift, there should be sufficient quality healthcare professionals to ensure efficacy of community-based services. This analysis uses the ‘quality assurance’ principle proposed by the Centre to review the manpower resources and supports of PHC services.

Providing youth friendly parks in Hong Kong


It is not uncommon to find park facilities and physical environment tailor-made for children and the elderly in Hong Kong. Would this kind of thoughtful design make some young people feel left out? The Government suggests modifying a large number of public play spaces in its latest Policy Address, and thus it may take this opportunity to offer customised design that meets young people’s needs.

Three measures to improve cross-sectoral collaboration in primary healthcare


To provide quality primary healthcare services, Hong Kong needs effective cross-sectoral collaboration between the public and private healthcare sectors, Chinese and Western medicine sectors, as well as healthcare and social welfare sectors. Learning from current experiences, the Centre suggests three measures to improve the cross-sectoral collaboration in primary healthcare services.

Ecology protection: Three ways to curb tourist vandalism


Irreplaceable natural resources at tourist spots may sometimes be vandalised as ‘souvenirs’ by some travellers, even though many places including Hong Kong have rules stipulating that depredation of the environment is prohibited. Overseas experiences of protecting natural resources through penalty, security and education may shed light on the city’s endeavour to protect ecology.

Assessing comprehensiveness of PHC services in HK (II): District health centres should provide support for mental healthcare services


Mental health is a growing public concern. Many people recognise that psychological well-being is just as important as physical well-being for staying healthy. Therefore, a comprehensive primary healthcare (PHC) system should be able to manage both physical and mental health needs of individuals. The Centre’s analysis examines the comprehensiveness of local PHC system in term of mental health services.

Should first aid training be included in primary and secondary education?


A local study found that bystanders with first-aid training are more likely to offer help in emergency situations. It makes people ponder whether first-aid training should be included in the curriculum of primary and secondary schools. Perhaps Hong Kong can make reference to related experiences of Denmark, Japan, UK and several US states.