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Rethinking the needs of slashies I: Changes in formal education


Writing articles during the day, bartending at night, and making handicrafts for sale online in their spare time……When more and more youth become slashies who have multiple careers, they need to be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’. How could formal education change to address their needs?

Luring global talent with internship programmes


Traditionally, one of the purposes of an internship is to provide opportunities for talent to gain experience. However, in view of manpower shortage, many overseas companies and governments have introduced student internship programmes to compete for global talent. This article may provide insights into recruitment strategies amid talent war.

The possibility of introducing balanced calendar into Hong Kong schools


November is a long month for Hong Kong students, considering that usually there is no specific general holiday in this month. Will students accept the proposal of shortening their summer break, in exchange for extra holidays during this period of time? For parents who need to take care of their children and arrange activities for them, is the suggestion a good deal?

Quality holds the key to attracting reputable international branch campuses


In recent years, the number of foreign students pursuing higher education in Hong Kong is growing. Some local universities have also been ‘exporting’ their education by setting up campuses in the Mainland. To further develop Hong Kong as a regional education hub, attracting prestigious international institutions to establish branch campuses in Hong Kong is another important key to success, in which it all comes down to delivering quality education.