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Crowdfunding, an alternative research fund?


In Hong Kong, government subventions and grants account for half of total revenues of UGC-funded universities, while the remaining half of income is generated through tuition fees, contract research, etc. In recent years, some overseas universities are turning to alternative income sources such as bond-issuing and crowdfunding. Is this a suitable model for local universities?

World university rankings: Are they really reliable?


University league tables have attracted a lot of attention nowadays - universities advertise their rankings while government officials highlight the strength of their education systems by making reference to the rankings. However, the general public should not blindly trust the rankings, as they cannot rule out the possibility that some universities may pander to the scoring criteria for better rankings. 

Searching for the right duration of the school day


In Hong Kong and overseas, there have been discussion on the length and format of the school day. What is the rationale behind different ideas and what are the factors to be considered when changing school schedules?     

Policy Address Highlight: Civil Servant Training in Hong Kong


To cope with new challenges facing Hong Kong civil servants, CE Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor revealed her intention to establish a civil servant training institution similar to the Singapore Civil Service College. In this article, the structures, management models and modes of operation between Hong Kong and Singapore would be examined, aiming to provide references for the discussion on civil servant training.

The birth of a local eSports representative


ESports has been listed as one of the medal events in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou. If Hong Kong sends its own team to compete, what will be the selection process of the members, and how can Hong Kong groom its own eSports talent?