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New ways out for DSE candidates amid shortage of allied health professionals?


Self-funded degree courses proffering qualifications in occupational titles such as ‘medical laboratory technician’ and ‘occupational therapist’ have attracted more students to enrol in recent years. However, concerns regarding quality of course content, course review procedures, levels of tuition and so on have been raised in parallel. When students are considering embarking on these degree programmes, what exactly should they be cautious of? 

School’s out, but not for parents?


Local research has found that children from low socioeconomic status families fare worse in various aspects pertaining to learning and behavioural issues, mainly due to poor parenting practices. Educating parents on different methods of effective discipline may be helpful in addressing this issue. However, the problem lies in finding appropriate means to help parents of lower income status alter their strategies, as this is often incongruous with parental schedules, given the daily challenges they face in the practice of parenting itself. 

Drowning prevention: What you need to know


Accidental drowning is not uncommon in Hong Kong. To avoid tragedies, water safety issues such as manpower shortage and insufficient training of lifeguards require more attention. Public awareness of water safety should also be enhanced.

Chinese as a Second Language Education: Improving prospects for Non-Chinese speakers


Ethnic minority students in Hong Kong often struggle to become fluent in Chinese, especially when they lack a Chinese-speaking home environment. Yet although the Government has taken steps to improve Chinese as a Second language education, adequate learning support for non-Chinese speaking students is still lacking in many schools. This week the Centre overviews the present state of Chinese language education and analyses potential areas of improvement.

Liberal studies: Encourages critical thinking or rote learning?


Liberal Studies education has been criticised for overemphasising critical thinking to the detriment of grasping facts and making students immune to the opinions of others. Is this really the case? Past examination reports from the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority may provide some hints.