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How should employees fight against work-related stress amid rise of ‘burnout’?


The World Health Organization has classified ‘burnout’ as an ‘occupational phenomenon’ recently. The updated definition has sparked heated debate over legislation recognising ‘burnout’, which is triggered by work-related stress, and ‘death from overexertion’ as an ‘occupational disease’ in Hong Kong. However, it is difficult to prove that work-related stress is the only contributing factor of ‘burnout’ and ‘death from overexertion’. How should the Government strike a balance between employment protection and a conductive business environment?

Is it all smooth sailing for Hong Kong in promoting ship finance?


The Government has asked the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board to study the use of tax and other measures to entice ship finance companies. To understand the Government’s move and the opportunities and risks for Hong Kong to go big in ship finance, we need to look at the sector’s global landscape.

Glocalised Belt and Road awareness: Eliminate barriers for the health of ethnic minority elderly


In Hong Kong, ethnic minority elders often encounter communication difficulties and cultural differences when they access to healthcare services. It is necessary to ensure that the city’s healthcare system is well-prepared to meet their needs. In addition, considering the situations of ethnic minority groups while formulating policies is conducive to nurturing local awareness of the Belt and Road Initiative, which in turn have far-reaching benefits for Hong Kong to seize the related opportunities.

Wales’ way to pursue wellbeing: Legislating


To ensure the Government makes improving people’s overall wellbeing its goal, Wales has been trying to obligate its public bodies through legislation and appointing a ‘Future Generations Commissioner’. Does it work?

When will the flight to accessible tourism take off?


Many elders and people with disabilities, like others, have a thirst for the freedom to travel. However, there is a list of hurdles they have to face while taking a trip, like misinformation about access-free facilities in tourist attractions, as well as cramped hotel rooms. What can be done to ensure the vocations of tourists with disabilities is enjoyable? As a world-class travel destination, is Hong Kong ready to welcome them?

How to ensure road safety of silver-haired drivers?


The growing number of silver-haired drivers, especially the workforce of the taxi and public light bus, has made road safety become a concern.  Hong Kong law requires a person aged 70 or above to undergo health checks when they apply or renew driving licenses, is it adequate to ensure road safety? Should the Government set an upper age limit for driving license holders? 

Is Hong Kong ready to address the lonely death crisis?


‘Lonely death’ is a phenomenon that people are disconnected from society, dying alone and unnoticed for a long period of time. As the silver tsunami approaches, Hong Kong may face challenges arising from lonely death, given that the number of elders who are single and living alone is increasing. What kind of social problems will bring to Hong Kong before and after the deaths of lonely elderly? How should the society address the issue?

High insurance premium: The hurdle of elderly employment


To encourage the elderly to re-enter the job market, it requires efforts of the entire society to eliminate age discrimination and create a favourable environment for elderly employment. However, the difficulties in purchasing employees’ compensation insurance for old-aged employees may hinder employers from hiring the elderly, even if they would like to do so. 

The #valuable campaign sparks a revolution of inclusion in workplace


A worldwide campaign named #valuable has been pushing hard for the business sector to recognise the value of disabled population and offer them more job opportunities in recent years. Can Hong Kong join the campaign as well to unleash talents among disabled people?